Sunday, 30 May 2010

Red .... Head!

Wore this outfit on Thursday to work - last day of term (for a week) yey :D Wasn't as warm as is it has been over last few days .. boo!

After work I had an appointment at the Neurologists, Had a few tests and things and he told me that in his opinion there is nothing seriously wrong, however I am booked in for an MRI scan to check to make sure .. Am quite glad they are checking all the bases as I am still not feeling 100% yet :(

I wore my "Lucky" necklace that my mum gave me for when I was at University sitting my exams, It is the Chinese symbol for luck!!
How I have worn this skirt (I stole from my mother haha) before!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend?!?

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

The Land of Cheese and Cider part 2 ...

On the Sunday it was another gorgeous day - so we decided to take a picnic to Cheddar Gorge! Cheddar is famous for cheese and cider, both of which I love!

For these pictures I am sat by the lake I mentioned in my last post - on our caravan site - how beautiful is this to wake up to??

Cheddar Gorge!

The next day was unfortunately our last day in Somerset, we packed up the caravan and headed back up north ... stopping for a day out in Gloucester on the way!

It was yet another beautiful sunny day and as you can see I am squinting a bit in these pictures :)
This skirt and necklace used to belong to my mum!

We went to Gloucester docks and had a look at the barge boats and sat and drank iced lattes .. then we walked to the Cathedral .. it was one of the most amazing cathedral's I have ever seen .. and I have seen a lot .. something about it made me so awestruck and emotional .. I lit a candle in the chapel part and had a few quiet thoughts and even a few tears.


The cathedral was used to film some of the corridor scenes in the Harry Potter films .. it is meant to be the inside of Hogwarts .. so I had much fun looking for places I recognised also!

After this we went for a wander round a few of the old streets .. found a brilliant vintage shop! Then we had lunch sat outside a cafe in the glorious sunshine .. what a perfect way to end our mini break!

Sadly it was back to work today after my lovely little break! Haven't been in for 2 weeks - because of my illness, thankfully all the kids were great .. and all seemed very pleased to see me - which is always nice :D We made fruit kebabs this afternoon - YUM!!!

Bit of a boring outfit - but I kind of overlay and didn't have a lot of time - plus couldn't be bothered to sort anything special out :D

I have a LOT more pictures from our trip on my facebook if anyone wants to see them!

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

The Land of Cheese and Cider .. Part One!

I'm back in blogging action :D

My Parent's took us away for the weekend to Somerset .. we stayed in a little place called Burnham on Sea.

This outfit is from the first morning we woke up there, our caravan was on a lovely site with a great big lake (more of that to follow in a later post) but we had this park right across from our van - I couldn't resist ;P

After I had had my little play on the park ;P we went to Weston Super Mare for the day - it was SO hot .. and as I am still not feeling great I wasn't sure what we were going to do, we went down to the beach .. where there was more of a breeze and we found that a sand sculpture exhibition was on ...

The exhibition had all different sculptures made out of sand of different famous people throughout time (Above is Shakespeare) .. After looking at all the sculptures we went and sat on the beach for a while and had coffee, then later had a stroll around the shops and then back to the caravan park for tea.

This is the outfit I wore to go the pub on Saturday Evening!
I wore my "Dorothy" Necklace to support the competition that is currently running in the UK to find a girl to play Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz!

I could be Dorothy ;P

This is what I wore to Travel down to Somerset in on the Friday, We didn't do a lot when we got there - Went to the Pier and then to get some Fish and Chips on the seafront .. then relaxed in our caravan!

Come back to see part two soon :D .............

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Nail'd it!

Just a quick post today to let you all know I'm still alive - no outfit pictures for you still - as I am still off work sick :'( Am dying to get back to blogging and keep thinking up outfits to wear - and really really want to go shopping!!!

The other day I was on Twitter, when Modcloth posted a tweet about a girl who is designing a different nail art for every day of the year .. so i checked her out - there are some fantastic idea's on there and what a great original idea for a blog!

Check out her page here

I'm not really one for painting my nails in different styles - just basic colours - as I don't really have the time or patience to do it properly - also I have the unsteadiest hands in the world LOL Plus work "frown" upon nail art or varnish - so unless I'm going somewhere my nails are usually bare or plain/clear varnished.

When I have made the exception - this is about as wacky as it gets :P

Click to enlarge!

Colours - Rimmel Lasting finish in Liquorice

Rimmel 60 seconds in Climax

On other nail related news, I snapped two of my best ones today - Don't you just hate it when that happens?!!

My shawl from Jane's giveaway has arrived :D and I will try to take some pictures of it next week, I was going to take them today - but I am still in bed :'(

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Love Candycane xXx

Monday, 10 May 2010

Break from the norm ....

There now will be a short break from normal transmission ..
There are no outfit posts at the moment - as I am currently off work sick again :'(
So I thought i would take this time to reminisce a little. The other day (May the 6th to be precise) was 4 years since Gra and I got engaged - at the Grand Canyon ... at sunset.. yes how romantic huh :D
He was acting a little peculiar that day (more than normal, i should add ;P) but i put it down to the fact that he doesn't "do" heights. We trekked the canyon in the day, had a nice picnic lunch, then went back up to the top of the canyon to watch the sunset.
After the sun had bid it's farewell for the night, we walking back, it was so peaceful and quiet and just so breathtakingly beautiful, I was thinking to myself "How nice it would be if he proposed now"
Turned around and he was getting down on one knee .. I couldn't believe it .. I began to cry .. he asked me and the rest as they say is history!

My engagement ring (sorry for the shabby polish job!) And having a meal at a restaurant near the canyon - you can tell Ive been crying!!

After we parked up back at the hotel we found a restaurant and had a celebratory meal! ... the ring we didn't find until we were in San Fransisco - not for the want of trying - or to Gra's dispair as I tried on about every ring possible ;P

This also means of course that it is four years since we took our trip around the west coast of America .. I soooooo want to do it again someday!! (If any of my American blog buddies want to invite me over lol)

I've always had an infinity with the USA - even from when i was small .. my mum used to say i was born in the wrong country!!

Now and Then.

The other day whilst perusing the blog world I stumbled across The Clothes Horse

page. She was doing a flashback Friday of some of her blog friends ... and it made me want to do one to :D So here you go!

Once a poser, always a poser hey?
(Dontacha love my sailor dress, slippers and feather duster?? ;P)

And finally seeing as I haven't been out for what feels like ages - apart from to the doctors - I have been looking at online stores .. I never really buy from them, as I am very picky when it comes to trying things on .. I'll love the look of them... just not always on me!

Anyway these are a few things I would like for the summer months!

Flip Flops and a Cowboy hat!

Rock T's (for the summer concerts I'm attending)

Play suits and Harem cropped trousers.

Cute cardies and Bandeau tops.

Dress's, Dress's and More Dress's :D

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Do the Hustle ...

So this weekend was a long bank holiday weekend in the UK, so seeing as none of us had to get up that bright and early on a Monday morning (I never do .. I know ;P) we went to the Sunday night pub quiz.
Alas I have to say we didn't win - Did you think we would?? We stayed on after hours to play darts .. and a friend of mine and my hubby teamed up - and won every match :O

Seriously how that happened I'll never know .. either it was a complete fluke or they have been having secret practise sessions and were hustling us all!!!!

Back view to show my pretty hair slide!

Have you ever been Hustled?

This outfit is from today (Tuesday) and what I wore to work, was a nice warm day - yes weather gods did you read my blog and my pleas for the sunshine to come back??

Made animal biscuits to sell at break time 2morro to the other classes - they were soooooo cute! And also some clay dog bowls (not sooo cute ;P)

Close up!

Tonight I've mainly been playing on Mario - damn that little fella he baffles me every time!!

Can anyone remember or have a fashion wheel? I used to love this little plastic fantastic - maybe its where my ideas stemmed from for putting outfits together .. I bet it's still at my mum's - I should dig it out and come up with a whole new wardrobe right? :D

The other day i was intrigued to find out what outfit I was wearing this time last year ... and here it is:

I still wear this shirt a lot - it's one of my wardrobe staples .. some shirts come and go .. but this is a keeper .. I just love the pattern and the colours and the vibe it gives me .. Plus if I'm having a fat day I can totally hide it :D

Please don't forget to take part in my APRIL POLL I really do appreciate all comments and thoughts!
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