Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Anyone for Doubles?

Ok so no "proper" blog posts for a while yet but wanted to keep in touch and have had a few ideas about what to blog about for the next couple of weeks ...

Just a little update: I'm doing ok, am still in pain and have a fair bit of swelling around my stomach (look like Ive eaten a beach ball) The operation itself went smoothly however the doctors weren't able to do exactly what they wanted so in a way I am back to square one as they still do not know what is causing the pain - Ive had it for around 12 years now, but it has got progressively worse and definitely worse over the last year :(

When I went in on the morning of the op, I wasn't told that my husband would not be allowed to stay with me which was horrible, as I didn't really get to say bye, i was ushered into a room and didn't realise he wasn't coming with me, I still had my handbag and all my belongings that I was going to give to him to take care of for me. So had a little cry and lots of texts flew back and forth between me and my spouse.
I calmed down and met my nurse for the day, then the anesthetists (whom i asked lots of questions as I have panic attacks about wearing the oxygen mask - he let me off) and then finally my consultant. Then it was time to go - or so I thought, waited around in the "holding bay" area for around an hour as they shifted the schedule around, I got shuffled down a place.

When i came around I felt okay - which was a relief as last time I had any anesthetic I was v poorly - I have low blood pressure and kept losing consciousness. I was taken back up to the ward and left to rest for a little while before being given some weetabix and a cup of tea.

The girl next to me in the bad, though fragile looking, looked radiant, her hair was cascading over her shoulders and she looked peaceful - I however looked a mess! She reminded me so much of Jessica Simpson - which will lead me on to the next part of this post in just a moment.

First I'll round up my hospital (long and boring you may say) story first, So I had my food and was told I could go home, Gra was rung and waiting, I had to get ready. So I finally managed to get dressed - not an easy feat I can tell you, and was told I had to go to the toilet before I left, so dutifully I did, came out nearly passed out and was sick - NICE!! So had to stay a bit longer, have more blood pressure tests etc, before finally being wheeled to the car - and home to bed - which is where I remain.

Now onto the fun part of my blog - U deserve a reward (of sorts) if you read all that crap .... Now as I was saying the girl next to me reminded me of Jessica Simpson and it got me to thinking about my doppelgangers and who people say or have said that I look like.

When I was at uni I had a short blonde bob and everyone used to say that I looked like Gillian Anderson - my nickname even became Scully for a while!

Other people used to comment that I looked like Drew Barrymore:

Probably more as Josie Grossie in Never Been Kissed though tbh hahaha.

Another friend of mine used to tell me that my eyes looked like Busy Phillips.

Face Double always seems to think I'm Anne Hathaway!

And lastly a good friend of mine and myself say that I look like Jane McDonald (A UK TV presenter and singer) when I do certain faces!
So what do you think - who do you think I most resemble - any of these or your own ideas - and tell me do you have a looky-like out there?
Let me know - keep me entertained :D
Sal xXx


SHOEGAL said...

Wow, you did look like Scully when you were younger! Great post, hope you're feeling better soon.

Sher said...

I think that top blonde photo you look like a blonde Drew Barrymore :) You have cheekbones like hers and also you have the full lips.

Here's to hoping you can soon get out of bed with out pain. I would be worried now to let Drs have another go at it again.

Glitter Scrubs said...

Drew Barrymore totally!! I don't think I look like anyone famous that i know of.. face double matches me up with dudes :S LOL
Glad to hear your op went well(ish)! Hope you recover quickly :)

Candycane said...

Thanks for your replies guys :D

Am still around - and will try to get on your blogs soon ...


Kari said...

I hope you're feeling better and healing well now!

Winnie said...

Oh I totally see the Scully resemblence when you were younger! Wishing you a speedy recovery from the op!