Thursday, 30 September 2010

This morning I woke up with this feeling ...

I haven't done a TV and film challenge for aaaaaaaaaages now!

Recently I have been thinking about this outfit, whenever I wear this jumper it reminds me of Casey Becker (Drew Barrymore's character in Scream) and it's cold enough now to wear a sweater again (Today aside though as i have been boiling - typically)
My Polyvore idea for Casey's character clothes.

I've always loved the Scream franchise, ever since the first one came out way back in 1996, I was 13/14 and probably shouldn't of been watching it!! A friend at school had a copy that we passed around between us and the love affair began!

I've probably seen the 3 films combined over a hundred times (sad me ;P)
It also led to a love of the films that followed, IKWYDLS, Urban Legends etc..
Me and my friends even used to have Scream Parties!!! :O

Anyway I think that's showing enough of my geekdom side for today ;D Ha ha.
What I wore:
Jumper: Thrifted - Orig, Dorothy Perkins.
Bandeau: New Look.
Trousers: Florence and Fred.
Shoes: Gifted.

Me one h'ween!

Pic drawn a while back for something else!

To Quote the film:
Do you like Scary Movies? Whats your favorite Scary Movie??? ...

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Paint your smile on your lips!

Otherwise known as Kat Slater lips ;P

For my American friends Kat Slater (or Moon as she is now) is in Eastenders, a British TV show, and always wears redder than red lippy!

She's also married to one of my dream men in the show haha!

Have done bu**er all today (scuse the language) was feeling all achy and tired so had a lazy day and watched telly in bed!

Tonight we went over to Mum and Dads for Sunday dinner (YUM)

Was feeling a bit rock today :D .. well I am everyday - but today more than usual ;P

Hope everyone has had a fab weekend?

What I wore:

Top: Bon Jovi Concert Tee.

Skirt: Dorothy Perkins.

Tights: Tesco.

Socks: Asda.

Shoes: Tesco.

Scarf: Gifted - Mum.

Does anyone ever watch the song vids I put up?? :D Just out of interest I'll keep doing it anyway ;P

Saturday, 25 September 2010

So rock n roll so corporate suit.

This is the dress I wore to work yesterday, it's new .. I got it on sale for £6!!!!! Yup £6!

It feels so much more than it cost, the lining is purple leopard print and is so soft, the fabric is sooo comfortable. I know it was on sale but I think I got myself a bargain there!

People at work were complementing me on it .. and then later when we went out for my Dad's birthday meal, i just changed my shoes, My Mum and Dad said how expensive it looked too :D

What I wore:
Dress: Florence and Fred @ Tesco.
Tights: Primark.
Boots: Barrett's.
Shoes: Fiore.
Necklace: Self made!

Thursday was a simple outfit!

I'm going to be running out of work clothes at this rate ha ha, might have to miss a few days as I don't want to keep posting the same outfit!

Saying that I haven't worn these trousers for a while. They are striped with a fine line of glitter, but still work appropriate I feel.
I broke my bracelet whilst at work :( My Grandad bought it me for Xmas so was a bit sad, it just snapped, but it's wooden so I've got my hubby looking into if he can fix it!

What I wore:
Top: Primark.
Trousers: Florence and Fred.
Shoes: Gifted.
Necklace: Gifted - From a child when I left my last school.
Bracelet: Gifted - Grandad.

Blog song title: Come Undone - Robbie Williams.

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

The shape of things to come??

I think I'm changing shape??

I've put on about 4lbs over the last month - according to my Wii board - which isn't that much I know, but I'm sure my thighs are chunkier, not really wobbly just bigger .. muscle??
My stomach is deffo flabbier at the bottom, and my boobs have grown (that one I'm quite happy with ha ha ;P)
So have used the Wii fit today, we'll have to see how long i keep that up!
Must be early middle age spread!

What I wore:
Top: Papaya @ Matalan.
Trousers: Pilot.
Shoes: Gifted.
Earrings: Some old hippy shop in the 90's!

This outfit is actually what I am wearing today, the above is yesterdays!
It was my dad's b'day yesterday, so after work we went over for a meal at my mum and dads, think she's poisoned me ha ha (not really) but I've had a dodgy tum all day today - oh well it'll help with the weight loss LOL!

It's been a beautiful day here weather wise, so I was glad i got to spend some time outside at work.

What I wore:
Top: Next.
Skirt: Pilot.
Tights: Primark.
Boots: Barrett's.
Earrings: Asda.
Hair Accessory: Boots.

And finally we have Monday's outfit!

This is what I wore to work, didn't do a lot Monday evening at all apart form watch TV and relax!!

Do you like my brooch . its one I got in a giveaway from Belle Vintage!

What I wore:
Shirt: Topshop.
Red Top: River Island.
Trousers: Pilot.
Boots: Barrett's.
Brooch: Belle Vintage.

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Stop! Hammy time ....

We've got a new house guest at the moment, My brother in Law's Hamster - Hammy (yeah original name huh ;P) He's come to stay with us for a week or so :D

Today we went up to Leeds to visit some friends who have just moved house, and also we went for dinner with two other couples that also live in Leeds - so it was a great chance to catch up with everyone all in one go :D

What I wore:
Dress: Evie @ Peacocks.
Jumper: Primark.
Cardie: Primark.
Tights: Primark.
Belt: Falmer.
Shoes: Gifted - 2nd hand and no label!.
Socks: Asda.
Necklace: Gifted - Avon.

Our new house guest!

Saturday, 18 September 2010

Q and A!

I know i've already posted my outfit post for tonight but Alex over at Odd socks and Pretty frocks tagged me to do this questionnaire and as I am bored and up to no good I thought I'd give it a go ...

What is your favourite fashion accessory?
I love belts and scarves, I tend to use a lot of scarves as belts and vise versa, but I love accessories and jewellery as a whole also.

Who's your fashion role model? (In real life and YouTube/Blogging)
I don't really have one particular blogger who is a role model, I like to take different things from many of the blogs I read, if I see something nice on someone, or a particular style, I may save the picture and draw inspiration from it, same with TV shows, films and magazines.

What do you always carry with you?
Usually my Purse, Phone, Makeup, Keys, Diary/organizer, Umbrella, Pens, A lot of the time my camera and Snacks.

What would you describe your style as?
Ummm a little bit of this and a little bit of that! I tend to be drawn to professional looking things for work, in a lot of black and grey, then a lot of weird and wonderful patterns and colours for out of work.

Favourite: jeans, sunglasses or heels?
HEELS! I hardly ever wear flat shoes, I can't walk properly in them ... or drive haha! I do love me some sunglasses and a good pair of jeans too though.

What inspired you to blog about fashion?
I was looking on google images late one night for different clothing ideas and stumbled across blog pics that kept popping up, so decided to check out this fabulous world of online blogging and got hooked.

What is your favourite fashion store/shop?
I don't really have one shop, I like to go everywhere and anywhere, I tend to like places like Asda and Tesco, as when I'm doing the shopping I can also get me a bargain. I like Primark for cheap key pieces, then shops like New Look, Dorothy Perkins etc for everyday items, I also love scouring charity shops and Car Boots Sales and Vintage clothing stores for different items.

What is your favourite fabric in clothing?
I don't have a particular favourite.

Who is your favourite designer?
I don't really have one favorite designer, as I'm not really into "high" fashion, I tend to look and then find cheaper pieces in a similar style. I do like DVF though.

Who/what inspires your style?
Anything and everything. From TV to films to music videos, to people I see in the street, in magazines, to blogs, my friends ....

What would you choose to do - buy something in high quality or make it yourself if you could?
If money was no problem then I'd probably buy something high quality, I'm not good at making things myself, even though I did do textiles at school and my dad has worked in the fashion/textiles industry all his life.

I'd like to tag:


I can hear the bells!

My ears are STILL ringing, ever since I had my seizure back in April time, I have had tinnitus in my ears - the other day when I had that bad dizzy spell, they were sooo loud I thought they were going to pop!!

Hopefully the MRI will pick up if its a problem with my blood vessels!

Today I went to the football, I haven't been since last December (used to go twice a week) so it was sooooooooooooo good to see all my old friends, catch up and watch a good game, will have to try and get more often again now!

What I wore:
Top: Papaya @ Matalan.
T-shirt underneath: Primark.
Jeggings: Tesco.
Shoes: Fiore.
Russian Doll Pendant: Gifted.
Bracelets: Giveaway prize - Belle Vintage!

This is what I wore for work on Friday, it may of been a sunny day but it was a lot colder than it looked ... I've heard they have even forecast SNOW here for the end of next week ..... :O

Hope everyone is having a great weekend so far?

What I wore:
Top: Cherokee @ Tesco.
Cardie: George @ Asda.
Skirt: New Look.
Belt: Primark.
Boots: Barrett's.
Necklace: Self made from a magic key that used to be in Clark's shoes!
Hair Flower: Claire's Accessories.