Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Mad world ....

Sher did a madmen picture over at her sight and as I'm bored and ill I though i'd have a go to :D I love my dress :D Perfect for my picnic dontacha think :D

It never rains .....

Some of you may of noticed I have been a bit blog absent recently - I haven't been very well - the flu that I have had has caused me to develop a condition called Torticollis .. a condition that is in the neck muscles - it's pretty fair to say I have been in agony over the ;ast few days!

And have also had some other issues to deal with - that hasn't been pleasant :(

Hope to be back to my blogging state soon!

Hope everyone else is well

Love CC xXx

Thursday, 23 July 2009

Schools out for summer .....

Last day of term for the summer today - was weird I was really looking forward to it but it also felt sad .. my littlies are all grown up now!! And moving on to there next class - Plus I'll be a married lady by next term!!!!

Speaking of which Gra is on his Stag weekend this weekend - they've gone to the horse races tonight - already had lot's of messages from his friends trying to wind me up lol! Good job I can take it :D

What I wore today:

Trousers: Florence and Fred @ Tesco.
Top: River Island.
Black Bandeau: Free with Magazine.
Mj's: Gifted.
Necklace and Earrings set: Gifted - Avon.
Flower in my hair (just seen): Claire's Accessories!

Blog title song: School Out - Alice Cooper.

Pirates and Wizards!!!

Last week at work this week and we had a Pirate Party day ... but as I had been off ill the week before I didn't realise that staff were dressing up .. but I think I look a little piratey in my waistcoat anyway :D
Was a good day :D

After work today Gra and I had a date night and went to the cinema to see Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince - Loved it!!
Thought it was the best film of the series to date! Had the right amount of humour and sadness!!

What I wore:
Trousers: Florence and Fred @ Tesco.
Pink top: Matalan.
Boots: Barrett's.
Waistcoat: Unknown - mine from years ago!
Skirt: Dorothy Perkins.
Tights: Primark.
Key Necklace: Made myself.

P's I have no idea whats going on with the photo's tonight they have a will of there own!!!!

Monday, 20 July 2009

New Book Time ... Finally!!

Finally I got around to finishing "My sister's keeper" Loved it - although I kind of predicted the end - I wasn't sure how or when it was going to happen - and it made me sob lot's when it did!
I loved the character of Campbell and his relationship with Julia it really made the book for me and distracted from the slightly annoying portrayal of Sara!

Really want to see the film now!

So once I had finished that book and was ready to move on I was already upstairs tucked up in bed - not being near my bookshelf to choose my next one, I remembered I had a book upstairs my mum bought me back from her holiday's - which has now become my next choice ... so far so good :D.

The wedding season:
Sarah Stratford is a wedding planner hiding a rather inconvenient truth - she doesn't believe in love. Or not for herself, anyway. But as the confetti flutters away on the June breeze of yet another successful wedding she somehow finds herself agreeing to organise two more, on the same day and only two months away. Luckily Sarah has two tried and tested friends on hand to help her. Elsa, an accomplished dress designer who likes to keep a very low profile, and Bron, a multi-talented hairdresser who lives with her unreconstructed boyfriend and who'd like to go solo in more ways than one. As the big day draws near, all three women find that patience is definitely a virtue in the marriage game. And as all their working hours are spent preparing for the weddings of the year, they certainly haven't got any time to even think about love. Or have they?

.... Life goes on ......

So my first venture outside of the house for over a week was made yesterday! Still feeling a bit blah to be honest and achy .. only went to Mum and Dad's for tea - which was yummy!

Thanks to all those who have sent me get well wishes - much appreciated :D

Last week at work for the summer this week - thank goodness for that :D

What I wore:

Dress: Select.
Belt: Vintage - Off one of mum's dresses!
Tights: Primark.
MJ's: Gifted.
Necklace: Claire's Accessories.

Blog Title Song: Ob la di Ob la da - The Marmalade.

Friday, 17 July 2009

Theres a place for us ...

Whilst I've been poorly I've been watching a lot of Classic Movies .. Today I watched West Side Story - or should that be sobbed my way through West Side Story!! - Love that Film!!

I love the white dress and red belt Natalie Wood wears - however I can't get a great shot of it online :(

Whilst looking I found this one that I like which is similar! I don't wear a lot of white as I tend to be a mucky pup and just know I'd spill something on it!!

The other day I watched Rear Window - The dresses Grace Kelly wears are again SO beautiful!

This one was my fave - a Yellow tea dress.

Blog title song: Somewhere - West Side Story!

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Candycane is getting married!!: June is bursting out all over!

A quick recap of June as I have added a poll! :D Please have a go :D

Candycane is getting married!!: June is bursting out all over!

Thanks xXx


Lord almighty, I feel my temperature rising ....

So as I said this is what I wore on Saturday - not a lot to say really - not really feeling much better, still have a fever and now have a bad headache to add to my ailments :'(

As you can tell I couldn't even be bothered to stand up for my photo's lol!

What I wore:

Red Top: River Island.
Jeans: New York Laundry.
Black Bandeau: Free with Magazine.
Necklace: Gifted - Avon Boutique.

Blog title song: Burning Love - Elvis Presley.

Saturday, 11 July 2009

Where i've been ...

Haven't blogged for a few day as I've been quite poorly, have had a high fever, cough, stomach ache, sneezes, sweats.

So on Friday I rang the docs and they wouldn't let me have an appointment to go in as they are similar symptoms to Swine Flu!
The doc rang me back and assessed over the phone she thinks it might be Chest infection and Gastoenteritis, although there can be a possibility that it can be Swine Flu - she prescribed me antibiotics and something for my stomach.

I am SO hot it's untrue I feel like I'm burning up! However managed to go to the hairdressers today as I needed to go for wedding hair .. and to sort all that out (Blog post of what I wore, 2morro) but I am sat here now burning up again!!

Hope it goes soon!!

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

A stitch in time ...

Went for my final dress fitting today - or what I thought was going to be my final fitting, I have to have a few more alterations made .. still love it though, can't wait to have it fit perfectly! :D :D

After that me and my mum went to do some food shopping for my Grandad and then up to his for a little while. She came home with me and Dad came over and we all had a meal together .. after Dad helped Gra to put some lights up in the hallway for us .. and hang a few pictures we've wanted up for a while :D

My Catwalk model pose LOL!!!

What I wore today:

Jeans: New York Laundry.
Top: Gifted - Gap.
Shoes: M+S Limited Collection.
Necklace: Gifted.
Earrings: Gifted.

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Paint a smile upon my face each time you hurt me.....

It was meant to be Sports Day at work today - but it got rained off!! So back to normal lessons!!

Went to the Supermarket after work - picked up a skirt - it was in the kids section but it fit me perfectly well - I've nabbed a few bargains from there over the years :D

Final Dress fitting 2morrow :D :D Can't wait to try it on again!!!!

What I wore today:

Trousers: Florence and Fred @ Tesco.
Top: New Look.
Belt: Vintage (Mum's)
Boots: Barrett's.
Hairband: Claire's Accessories.
Necklace: Asda.

Song Title: The Heart of a clown.

Monday, 6 July 2009

Vintage Queen.

So Last night we went for dinner at Mum and Dad's - We were sorting things out for the charity shop after tea.. when we found a load of mum's old things from the 70's in a wardrobe. So I tried a load on and quite a few came back with me :D

Including this Skirt! The vest/waistcoat also came from there, but was mine when I was growing up!

Haven't done a lot today so far - an am not really planning on doing either - Have done some chores and watched Lauren's last episode in The Hills (My guilty pleasure!)

Look out for more mum's vintage coming soon :D

What I wore today:

Skirt: Vintage, thrifted from mum : Chet Separates.
Grey top: Cherokee @ Tesco.
Vest: Unknown.
Shoes: M+S Limited Collection.

Title song: Goldfinger - Vintage Queen.

Chase you down until you love me .. Paparazzi!

So I'm a day late with my 4th of July inspired outfit!! But wanted to wear it anyway!
On Rantings of a fashion addicts blog she had done a few paparazzi inspired shots .. so I thought I'd have a go, haven't got as good a camera as she obv has but they came out ok :D

Also I washed my hair in just conditioner A'la Charlotte -

It was ok yesterday - But today it's quite unmanageable so may not try it again .. espesh if I'm needing to go out the next day!!

What I wore today:

Shirt: Cherokee @ Tesco.
Jeans: Dorothy Perkins.
Shoes: M+S Limited Collection.
Scarf: Vintage : Thrifted from Mum.
Flower in hair - Unknown.
Bag: Jane Norman.

Title Song: Lady Gaga - Paparazzi.

Sunday, 5 July 2009

Viva Chez Vegas ....

Didn't do much in the day Saturday - But at night I met up with one of my best mates and we went out for a few drinks and a dance - Had such a good time - Just what I needed really :D

Here we are - very sweaty Betty's after dancing the night away :D

What I wore:

Dress: Matalan.
Bandeau under dress: Free with Magazine.
Shoes: F.A.X.
Necklace: Asda.
Earrings: Asda.
Choker worn as Bracelet: Claire's Accessories.

Friday, 3 July 2009

What doesn't kill us .....

Today I woke up in a good mood - and had an appointment with a doctor - however for reasons I shall not go into on here (Just say a work issue) I came out in tears!

Feeling more positive now though as what doesn't kill us - Lets just say I'm not just going to sit back and take what they throw at me .. I will not be a pushover :(

Tonight were going to go to a friends house for drinks!

And I just had a lovely visit from next doors cat, it's the simple things in life which make us happy :D

What I wore today:

Skirt: New Look.
Top: Unknown had for years.
Shoes: M+S Limited Collection.
Flower in my hair: Claire's Accessories.

Feeling hot, hot ,hot.....

We had a heatwave warning yesterday - so knew it was going to be a hot one :D It wasn't wrong - it was unbearable in the classroom so we went and sat outside under a tree for the afternoons lesson :D

What I wore:

Skirt: New Look.
Top: Dorothy Perkins.
Shoes: New Look.
Necklace: Lucky symbol given to me from my mum when I did my university exams :)

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Lazing on a sunny afternoon!

Such a gorgeous day today perfect for lazing in the garden and reading a book ... Had a few chores to do this morning but after dinner was allll mine!!

So had lunch, painted my nails, read my book and ate ice lolly's all sat in the lovely sunshine!

This is the life ....

Of course some posing had to be done also ;P

Getting through Jodi Picoult's - My sisters Keeper now.


What I wore today:

Denim skirt: New Look.
Flowery Top: New Look.
Necklace: Gifted.
Bracelets: Gifted.
Flip Flops: Old pair I've had for years?????