Sunday, 15 May 2011

Red, White and Blue ...

These first outfits are from not last week but the week before (oops) I was waiting to see if anyone was going to comment on my pretty dress from my last post ....

What I Wore:

Skirt: Matalan.

Top: New Look.

Shoes: Gifted - Mum and Dad.

This next outfit is from last weekend, we went to Ikea on the Saturday for a few bits and round a few other stores that are also nearby.

I also wore it to dinner with Gra's parent's on the Sunday night!

What I Wore:

Top: George @ Asda.

Trousers: Papaya Maternity @ Matalan.

Shoes: Florence and Fred @ Tesco.

And then this outfit is from yesterday - We had an early morning class to attend and then went to a local shopping mall for a few more bits and pieces.

Then last night we watched The Eurovision Song Contest .. I didn't intend this outfit to be so patriotic ... but how fitting!

The UK didn't win though .. not sure where we ended up to be honest .. did any of my fellow Europeans watch?

What I Wore:

Top: Cherokee @ Tesco.

Trousers: Papaya Maternity @ Matalan.

Shoes: Florence and Fred @ Tesco


Bonnie said...

Hi Sal, I am back, where are you??? You are looking great and hope all is well. Do you know if you are having a boy or girl?

xoxo, Bonnie

Mary said...

Where did you go, lovely?! Hope all is well and that you're coming back soon :)

Mary @ (used to be undergrad fab ;))

Bonnie said...

Hi Sal, like Mary, I am wondering how you are as well. Trust all is well and when you have the time drop me an email at or you can leave a message on my blog.

Miss you, Bonnie