Wednesday, 19 December 2012

The I dont have much time to blog post, so heres a load of outfits ;P

What I Wore:
Dress: Moda @ Mothercare.
Top: Primark.
Tights: Asda.
Boots: Gifted. 

Had my hair done after work :)

What I Wore:
Skirt: Camiau - France.
Top: H&M USA
Tights: Tesco.
Boots: Gifted.
Cardie: Gap. 

What I Wore:
Dress: Be Beau @ Matalan.
Jeans: Tesco.
Top: Primark.
Boots: Fiore. 

Wore this outfit for my friends b'day night out last Friday.

(Don't know why the pictures are on there side - I cant get them to turn around grrr)

 What I Wore: Dress: F+F @ Tesco.
Tights: ??
Shoes: Fiore.
Cardie: George @ Asda.
Earrings: Asda.

It wasn't my first choice outfit, but as I was getting dressed, into my other dress, the zip came off - me and zips do not make the best of friends!! 

Can you see me in the bauble??

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Megan, said...

love these!
Xo Megan,