Saturday, 16 March 2013

Mothers Day!

This is what I wore on Mothers Day! 

We were originally going out for a meal, but as my Mum wasn't well, my Dad cooked us a meal and me and Tots went on over to there place.

Lissy made me a lovely card  (You can see it on the mantelpiece in the pic above) and gave me a box of Chocolates :D But best of all were her kisses and hugs :D

What I Wore:
Dress: Purple @ Dorothy Perkins.
Bandeau: New Look.
Tights: Gifted.
Hair Flower: Clarie's Accessories.


Bonnie said...

Happy Mother's Day, Sal. You are looking great as usual.

xo, Bonnie

PS - All is well here will try to blog more, I miss it!

Candycane said...

Thankyou :)

Yes, I only checked on yours the other say :D


Megan, said...

love that dress Xo Megan,

Candycane said...

Thanks Megan