Monday, 12 January 2015

Before Christmas ...

Still working through the pictures here haha ... This outfit was worn to go Christmas shopping ... you guessed it before Christmas ...

Yes that one hads come out sideways again for some unbeknown reason ...

What I wore:
T-Shirt: Marks and Spencers.
Cardi: Primark.
Skirt: Thrifted.
Tights: Gifted.
Belt: Primark.
Sgoes: Fiore.
Necklace: Gifted, Vintage.
Bracelet: Gifted.

I wore this outfit to go and watch my daughter in her Christmas dance show :D :D :D Oh i love her sooooo much!!!

What I Wore:
Dress: Evie @ Peacocks.
Cardigan: Gap.
Tights: Gifted.
Belt: Primark.
T-shirt: Marks and Spencer.
Candycane charm bracelet: Gifted.

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