Monday, 28 September 2009

Lets get Physical .. Physical ...

Had my M.E/Fibro therapy today - went along to the hospital and used there gym equipment and then we had a lecture on what it is all about!
Wanted to be comfy so wore my comfiest jeans as I don't really own any jogging bottoms, also wore my trainers which hardly ever happens - as I don't do flats!!! Only to the gym!!

What I wore today:
Jeans: New Look.
Green Vest: Cherokee @ Tesco.
Hoodie: Primark.
Trainers: Adidas.

Blog title song: Lets get physical - Olivia Newton John.


Sher said...

Hope that is going good for you. It looks like a good work out. Now I'm going to be singing in my head that Olivia Newton song....

Anonymous said...

I hope so too, although it's hard work - but they said it has to get harder before it gets better!

I was singing it all the time too lol