Sunday, 13 December 2009

Gypsy's, Tramps and Thieves??



And Thieves - Umm stealing the limelight???

Well no actually, just Gypsy's and Tramps - as I wanted to get a Thief picture but as there were people outside, my husband got embarrassed taking the pictures - I have no idea why, I was the one acting goofy and going through bins and the suchlike LOL
Shame you don't get to see the front of the jacket as if I do say so myself it looks awesome with this dress and scarf combo haha.

Anyway today went Xmas shopping, not that I returned with anything much ... For anyone else that is: We are going to a wedding this following weekend and so I needed some accessories to go with my cool new thrifted dress (Can't wait to show you all) I also picked up a couple of bargains also.

So it looks like I'll have to go finish off my shopping sometime this week - I used to be soooo ultra organized and start my shopping in the October half term holidays - what happened to that this year? Ah what with so many b'day's to buy for as well - I think they should ban December b'days (as I've prob mentioned on here b4) and move them to a different month - be better for everyone all round as the lucky birthdayians will get more prezzies and a chance to celebrate without being outshined (word?) by Christmas :D

What I wore today:

Dress: Evie @ Peacocks.

Green top: Primark.

Scarf: Primark.

Tights: Primark.

Boots: Level Nine.

Denim Biker Jacket: Miss Selfridge.


Sher said...

by your title I first thought of Lightning Thief (the book and movie coming out) Then I saw you flipping the lid on the can outside and laughed! You come up with the funniest ideas. Wish we lived closer a night out with you would be a blast!

Bug said...

Cute outfit, love the blog title. My poor little niece's birthday is Dec. 26th - I always thought it wasn't very fair, lol

Kari said...

Hehe, what a cute photo series.

I like the way you've mixed your blue colors, and yet it still works very well!

Anonymous said...

The dress is totally awesome :).

Denise said...

i love the dress! fantastic with the cobalt blue scarf! this is so cozy.

I am Denise Katipunera

Candycane said...

Aww thankyou everyone ... and thanks Sher - I do act a little bizarelly at time - but I can actually be a very shy person at times!

If your ever in the UK your more than welcome for a cup of tea :D