Thursday, 31 December 2009

Swapping Booties ....

Decided to try out the knee high sock and boot combo that I have been admiring on many other bloggers for a while now ..... I originally put these boots on (see the two pics below) but they didn't feel right with my socks, so changed boots and was much happier :D

Wore this outfit to finally hit the sales yesterday

I picked up some great bargains, Got a new Jane Norman Skirt that should of been £40 down to £16, got a Debut dress that should of been nearly £60 for £13 and a cardie for £13 also :D Cant wait to show them y'all :D

Well that's it nearly the end of another year, just a few hours and we'll be in a new decade!

What does the future hold????

Wishing you all a very happy 2010, all the best ....
Lots of Love and Kisses
Candycane xXx

What I wore:
Skirt: New Look.
Top: Dorothy Perkins.
Tights: Primark.
Socks: Asda.
Boots: Gifted.
Xmas tree earrings: Gifted.
Necklace: Xmas gifted.
Coat: Matalan.

Monday, 28 December 2009

Candycane's Christmas!!!

Merry Xmas everyone!

Hope you all had a great day? This is a little taster into my day (with outfit shots below) I wanted to try and do a picture an hour as I have seen other bloggers do, but I got caught up in the day and missed some hours out - so here is a few of the pics of interest from the day!!

9am - Santa's been!!!! :D :D :D

10am - Opening prezzies begins - my husband and his brother playing with puppets :P

11am still opening presents!

2pm set the table ready to eat (still prezzies to be opened!!!!)

4pm Champagne toast from all the family.

6pm(ish) working off some dinner with the Wii!!

8pm - How cute!!

11pm - Coffee made from the new Tassimo machine YUM!!!!

Have lots more pics from the day mainly pulling crackers, playing on the wii etc - will add them to my facebook!
What I wore Xmas day:
Dress: Primark.
Tights: Primark.
Santa Earrings: Gifted.

This outfit is what I wore to my mum's boxing day party!

What I wore:
Dress: Debenhams.
Shoes: Dorothy Perkins.

Tights: Primark.

Hair Slide:Accessorize.

This was my Xmas eve outfit - went for a meal at Mum's as it is also her b'day :D

What I wore:

Top: Cherokee @ Tesco.

Jeans: George @ Asda.
Boots: Gifted.

Cardie: George @ Asda.

Santa Earrings: Gifted.

Sunday, 20 December 2009

Other brands are available.......

My beautiful vintage dress that I thrifted for less than £5 and couldn't wait to wear, It came without a sash so I borrowed one off another dress, and tied it into a bow at the back.
I loved it and felt like a princess in it - Unfortunately we only got to stay an hour and half at the wedding reception as the snow storm outside was so bad we had to leave - otherwise we may of been stranded, so by 10pm I was home - all dressed up and nowhere to go :'(

What I wore:
Dress: Vintage - Thrifted!
Shoes: Dorothy Perkins.
Bolero top: Florence and Fred @ Tesco.
Tights: Unknown.
Corsage: Evie @ Peacocks.
Pearls: Primark.
Jewelled Headband: Asda.
Earrings: Next.
Watch: Oasis - Gifted.

This is what I wore to the church and the ceremony earlier!

What I wore:
Skirt: H+M USA.
Brown Top: H+M USA.
Cardie: New Look.
Belt: Falmers.
Tights: Evie @ Peacock's.
Boots: Gifted.
Watch: Oasis - Gifted.

I was inspired by Sher at Fashion After Forty to document my getting ready process, I didn't have quite as much time to take photo's of every step, plus i had already done my hair and nails etc when getting ready for the service this morning, And I'm not as brave as Sher to go Au natural - the blogging world is not ready for that!!!!!
Most of my beauty products are from Avon as my mum is a representative :D

Face products:
  • Magix Face Perfector - Avon.

  • Cream to powder foundation - Avon.

  • Mineral powder foundation - Avon.

  • Face pearls - Avon.

I start off by smoothing face perfector over all my face then a thin layer of foundation over my whole face including my eyelids - makes my eyeshadow stick.

Then I dust on mineral foundation in circles all over my face and neck and add a sweep of face pearls.

My face when I have completed step 1!

Next comes the eye shadows .. I sweep on a varied amount of different eye shadows, today believe it or not i used all these products .. starting with a nude base colour, then a highlighter under my brow bone, colouring my eyebrows a darker brown also. Then tonight a put on a cream eyeshadow in a gold colour, blending it with a gold "normal" eye colour.
Then I added dark brown to make a winged smokey eye effect and added eyeliner to my top and bottom of my eyes and finished with a coat of mascara.

Next come the lips, I outlined my lips with a Naturals collection lip liner in red. Then used a brown lipstick to fill in topped by a ruby red colour and gloss.

Blusher and Mascara to finish.
  • Blusher - Rimmel, Soft Rose.

  • Mascara - Avon.

The finished product ... just my hair to run the straighteners over now and I'll be ready!

Ta-Da ready to party!!

And lastly the Bride and Groom! Congratulations!!!
I have quite a few wedding photo's if anyone is interested let me know :D

Saturday, 19 December 2009

Ho, Ho, Ho!

Wore my Santa earrings to get in the festive mood!

What I wore:
Skirt: Pilot.
Top: River Island.
Wrap around cardie: Matalan.
Tights: Primark.
Boots - Gifted!
Earrings: Gifted.

What I wore Tuesday:

Trousers: Florence and Fred.

Top: Next.

Cardie: New Look.

Scarf: Primark.

These are Tuesdays and Fridays outfits .. don't have much to say as I was feeling quite poorly up till yesterday!
Went and did a bit of food shopping ready for Xmas!

Today it has been our friends wedding, it was a beautiful service with Christmas Carols and there was even snow on the ground - will upload the pics of that though in 2morro's post as there is another outfit change before tonight - Can't wait to wear my dress :D
Hope everyones having a great weekend!

Friday, 18 December 2009

Last Christmas....

I have been sick for a couple of days so haven't posted - will try to get back on track 2morro - and the wedding is coming up on Sat so need to be well for that (Plus I have two super cute IMO outfits for the day and night :D)
This pic is from Last Xmas, I think got waaay over excited with my cracker!

Sunday, 13 December 2009

Gypsy's, Tramps and Thieves??



And Thieves - Umm stealing the limelight???

Well no actually, just Gypsy's and Tramps - as I wanted to get a Thief picture but as there were people outside, my husband got embarrassed taking the pictures - I have no idea why, I was the one acting goofy and going through bins and the suchlike LOL
Shame you don't get to see the front of the jacket as if I do say so myself it looks awesome with this dress and scarf combo haha.

Anyway today went Xmas shopping, not that I returned with anything much ... For anyone else that is: We are going to a wedding this following weekend and so I needed some accessories to go with my cool new thrifted dress (Can't wait to show you all) I also picked up a couple of bargains also.

So it looks like I'll have to go finish off my shopping sometime this week - I used to be soooo ultra organized and start my shopping in the October half term holidays - what happened to that this year? Ah what with so many b'day's to buy for as well - I think they should ban December b'days (as I've prob mentioned on here b4) and move them to a different month - be better for everyone all round as the lucky birthdayians will get more prezzies and a chance to celebrate without being outshined (word?) by Christmas :D

What I wore today:

Dress: Evie @ Peacocks.

Green top: Primark.

Scarf: Primark.

Tights: Primark.

Boots: Level Nine.

Denim Biker Jacket: Miss Selfridge.

Saturday, 12 December 2009


After having my hair cut yesterday and having slept on it last night, I never like it so much and today I felt that I looked like a mushroom-head!

Although my husband assures me that I don't! Ah well!

This is the new dress that I mentioned yesterday - couldn't wait to wear it (I had another outfit picked out already but changed it) and had a very positive response from work colleagues and friends :D
It also kept me toasty warm to say it had no sleeves!

Have picked up a cold at the mo so snuggled up in bed when I got back :D

Hope everyone is having a good weekend!

What I wore:
Dress: Florence and Fred @ Tesco.
Tights: Tesco.
Boots: Barrett's.

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Shake the glitter off your clothes now ....

Went to the hairdressers today: Had darkest brown put in as the red faded waaaaay to quickly and had it cut shorter as it's been annoying me a bit recently, I quite fancy a short bob, used to have that for ages years ago, but decided against it and went collarbone length instead!

After the hairdressers I came home and washed and restraightened my hair as it had gone a bit pouffy - no idea why as she did a good job on it, may of been the volume spray! Did a few errands after lunch and a new dress may of come back with me - how did that happen ;)

Not liking using fireworks as a photo editor, as I much prefer Photo Express, but the hubby doesn't have it on his new laptop GRRRRR
My tights look Blue and they are actually plum :~O

My new do!
What I wore:
Skirt: Dorothy Perkins.
Top: H+M.
Tights: Gifted Evie @ Peacocks.
Scarf: Next (Belt)
Boots: Barrett's.