Friday, 16 April 2010

Spanish Seizures....

I'm back :D I've been on my holidays - we went to Spain and to France to the Sister in Laws :D

We drove down to Spain on the Wednesday night - getting v lost and ending up in the middle of Barcelona!! (OOPS) Finally arriving at our destination at around 12.30am ... The first day was spent looking around the town of Sitges It was an absolutely beautiful day and we walked around the town, spent time on the beach and had a great goats cheese salad on the seafront.

That night we got changed and wandered around the town to find a restaurant - finally stopping at a place where I had a massive paella (yum) and some gorgeous wine.

What I wore in the day:
Smock: Cherokee @ Tesco.
Jeans: New York Laundry.
Shoes: Marks and Spencer's.

What I wore in the evening:
Dress: Primark.
Leggings: Tesco.
Boots: Barrett's.Necklace: Asda.

The next day I woke up early, but didn't feel to well - felt really achy and tired so went back to bed for a while ... then we got ready and walked to the train station to go to Barcelona!!

When we arrived in Barca we walked around to find a restaurant and settled on a Tapas restaurant - sat there for quite some time enjoying our food and the sunshine .. then on we walked a little further but my leg was really starting to ache, so rested on a bench - it was when i stood up again I realised all was not OK, I started to feel faint and lost my vision .... that's all I remember until I woke up in a Spanish ambulance!

I had had a seizure of some kind and they were taking me to Barcelona hospital!
I had an ECG and lots of other tests - was feeling quite dizzy and was very sick .. but the doctor although English being his second language was fantastic and put me and my hubby at ease (Hubby then proceeded to pass out due to stress - the copycat!!!)

Was released as all my tests came back clear and they couldn't pinpoint what had happened so I was allowed to go back - didn't have the greatest train journey back to Sitges - and didn't get to see any of Barcelona!

Looking at these pics from before we went - I don't look well at all :'(

What I wore:
Dress: Evie @ Peacocks.
Leggings: Tesco.
Boots: Barrett's.
Necklace: Asda.

I went straight to bed when we got back to the hotel and didn't get up till the next morning - still felt dizzy but loads better than I had done the previous night. Apart from all the bruises and grazes from where I had been lying on the floor .. I also had mud in my hair - a good look!!

Packed up our suitcases as we were heading back to France - had a few minutes to relax in the Spanish sunshine before leaving though.

Me showing my puncture wound!!

What I wore:
Jeans: Dorothy Perkins.
Vest: Avon.
Cardie: New Look.
Shoes: Marks and Spencer's.

Me in the sunshine in Puente de Montanana.

The views on the journey back from Spain to France.

Rest of the holiday to follow shortly .......


Chloe, Butterfly Cupcakes said...

Sounds like an awesome trip. I love hearing about peoples holidays.

Lesley said...

Oh my gosh!! Glad you're okay, but how scary would that be! I hope you were able to enjoy the rest of you trip.
Your pictures look beautiful and that dress you have on, the Evie one, is absolutely gorgeous!
I just booked my first flight ever to the UK and I am so unbelievably excited! I don't even know anyone who has been there, so I have no idea what I'm getting myself into lol. But I'm sure it'll be a blast! I'll have to go back through some of your archives and see some of the places I should visit!

Take care!


Sher said...

OMG! That must have been so scary for you and Gra. I hope it never happens again. You certainly bounced back and look beautiful in that turquoise dress.

hillary said...

Sorry I am so late to this. I have been trying to catch up on my blog reading. I am SO sorry this had to happen and on vacation no less! I hope you had a lovely time after that. I really hope you are ok now as well!

Candycane said...

Yes we did have a lovely time, quiet and just playing with the hephews, getting lots of cuddles etc .. but nice all the same!

Still not 100% just wiush i could back to normal .. am waiting to see a neurologist now :'(

Sal xXx