Friday, 30 April 2010


I feel like I have been neglecting my little blogger pals - Since my seizure I have been trying to spend less time at the computer - so I don't get migraine and tired eyes! So by the time I have checked my email, facebook and twitter, Uploaded and edited my pics and written my blog .. I only have time for sporadic visits to my favorite blogs! :(

I feel like I am missing out on your beautiful outfits and wonderful writings ... If I do get chance to see them I don't always have time to comment - so I just want you to know I am still out here and looking - if only for a fleeting second! Hopefully I will be able to return fully to the blogging community soon!!

Wore this outfit to work yesterday - added jacket as it has dropped a little cooler than the past few days - nooo return to me sunshine -- return!!

Jacket - Florence and Fred @ Tesco's!

Hope all of you that live in the UK enjoy your extended bank holiday weekend - and that the weather improves ... All of you in other countries hope you have a great weekend also :D

What happens when I get bored ....


Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

Love the print of the dress! You look very chic in this outfit!

Yeah, I know what you mean about not having enough time. I always feel so guilty that I have too much schoolwork to visit all my favorite blogs. I try to pop in as much as I can, but sometimes I barely have enough time to post my daily outfits! Don't worry, it happens to all of us :)

Noelle Chantal said...

just stumble on your blog. gosh i so love the print of your dress and those boots is just perfect for this outfit. :)

i hope you had a wonderful holiday! :)

Bug said...

Hee, hee I love your bored pic. Cute dress, looks great on you. Hope you get better soon hun. Have a great weekend as well.

Winnie said...

Hope you're back to full health soon. You are also rocking that bold print!

elledee said...

cute dress!!!