Saturday, 9 October 2010


I'm a bit of a chameleon when it comes to clothes, The other day I wore a very structured dress to work, some days I wear more floaty things like this:

I guess I don't really have one set style I just wear whatever I want to, when I want to!!

*swish swish*

What I wore:
Skirt: Vintage - Mums from 70's!
Waistcoat: Vintage - 80's!
Top: New Look.
Shoes: Gifted.
Necklace: Gifted - Dad!
Hair Flower: Claire's Accessories.

Fridays work outfit was a tried and tested favorite, I wanted something I could easily change out of when I got home ...

What I wore:
Top: Primark.
Trousers: Florence and Fred.
Shoes: Barrett's.

..... As we were going out, Hubby and I went for a meal at TGI's first and then to The Royal Concert Hall in Nottingham to see SYMPHONIC ROCK.

It was brilliant, it's all classic rock and pop songs, but played by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra!

I bought it hubby for his wedding anniversary gift! (His gift to me is coming up soonies ;P)
We had such a good time!

What I wore:
Dress: Primark.
Leggings: Primark.
Shoes: Fiore.
Choker: Claire's Accessories.

Hubby said I wouldn't dare add this photo - oh he should know not to dare me by now hahaha

Have a great weekend everyone :D


Vintage Vixen said...

That turquoise so suits you. Hope you had a great night. xxx

Ashley [Free Honey] said...

Hahaha, well you showed him!

I really like the first look, the skirt is one of a kind. I love that you showed three very different looks, you certainly do know how to switch it up.

xoxo, Ashley

Bonnie said...

Sal, you naughty minx!

I am loving the first outfit. I might have to change my mind about which outfit I like so far this month!

Have a good one, Bonnie

Becca [Free Honey] said...

I'm just like you - I can't settle on just one style. It totally varies from week to week or even from day to day. I love the silhouette of the skirt in the first outfit. I've been on the hunt for a maxi skirt, but so far I haven't been having any luck.

And I legit had a double take on the photo where you're grabbing your boobs! Looks like you showed your hubs! So funny!

Glitter Scrubs said...

hahaha atta girl! that'll show him not to dare you ;) The symphonic rock thing sounds really neat. It's great to get a gift you both can enjoy!