Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Jewellery or not jewellery??

I know I wore this dress in my last clothes post, but i saw it hanging there and wanted to wear it again :)

Wore it on Easter Sunday to go over to my parents house for a meal, Lissy was away on holiday with her Daddy over Easter, so it was just the three of us for tea.

When I am putting outfits together, i often think it would suit a certain piece of jewellery, however as a mum to a toddler, I don't often wear it, as I am afraid she will hurt herself (or me) pull on it, or break it!

What do you other Mummy bloggers think?

What I Wore:
Dress: Purple @ Dorothy Perkins.
Cardi: Primark.
Bandeau: Free with a magazine.
Belt: Primark.
Boots: Gifted.

 This is what I wore the other day to go run some errands and get my car it's MOT done, then I met a friend for coffee later on in the afternoon.

What I Wore:
Halter Top: Primark.
Jeans: Thrifted.
Boots: Gifted, Orig: Pavers.
Cardie: F+F @ Tesco. 

 Wore this outfit to go get Lissy some new shoes the other day - funny how I prob wouldn't pay the price for MY shoes that some of the children's shoes cost :O

What I Wore:
Skirt: Vintage - Mum's!
Top: Select.
T-Shirt: Marks and Spencers.

Hope you all had a nice Easter?

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Mary said...

I'm not a mom, but I am a nanny! I don't usually wear jewelry around little ones unless it's big chunky jewelry in case they pull & get hurt-- but by age 2 or so, they usually are just fine with jewelry :)