Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Tales of the red scarf!

There arnt really any tales of it .. well as i know of .. as yet LOL! 
Its a scarf my Father in Law bought me from John Smedley one Christmas .. and it has been worn in both these outfits .. along with these red shoes ;P

A work outfit - also had an appointment with my cardiology consultant on Monday - They are still no further on as to discovering why my heart is doing what it is doing - so got to have a 24 hour monitor on a "normal" routine day!

What I Wore:
Dress: F+F @ Tesco.
Scarf: Gifted, Orig: John Smedley.
Shoes: Tesco.
Hair Flower: Claire's Accessories.
Tights: Primark.

Simply put - another work outfit starring the red scarf and shoes :D

What I Wore:
Top+Cardie: Evie @ Peacocks.
Trousers: Mothercare.
Scarf: Gifted, Orig: John Smedley.
Shoes. Tesco.
Hair Flower: Claire's Accessories.


Vix said...

That's one posh scarf and a fab colour on you.
Hope the hospital reach a diagnosis soon, you'll feel so much better when they do. x

Londyn said...

Gotta love a bright scarf!! So pretty.

Mary Lou said...

i can understand you wore those great red shoes and the red scarf twice ;) as they really brighten up every outfit! you look amazing!