Tuesday, 2 March 2010

I'm a hoarder ....

As I was doing some household cleaning today I was looking at some of the items I was washing, mainly cups, bowls, plates etc and I was thinking about when I had acquired, bought them etc .. I had cups that I had when I was at uni 10 years ago .. each thing has a memory attached - a little story about where it came from, or when it was used, if something significant happened at that time in my life.

I keep everything, I'm such a hoarder, I have tons of old magazines at my mum and dad's (yes ... still) I have scraps of paper, concert tickets, hell when I was young I used to keep popcorn buckets from the cinema if I had seen a particularly good film!!!

I love being able to look at stuff and remember different aspects of my life, good memories and the bad!
I know some people whose house's are "junk" free and minimalist - I guess this will never be me - I save peoples Christmas cards and tags for heavens sake!! :D

This was what I wore to work last Thurs - sorry for the delay in posting - my schedule is all topsy turvey this week!
I have to go to the docs on Thurs this week as my stitches STILL haven't dissolved - am NOT looking forward to going!!

Hope your all having a good week so far?

What I wore:
Trousers: Pilot.
Black top: Primark.
Stripey Tee: Cherokee @ Tesco.
Vest: Unknown.
Boots: Barrett's.


Marianna said...

Great outfit. Love the vest!

Kari said...

Me too - my family members all have a bad habit of saving way too many things, mostly memorabilia, that we really don't need. I've tried to grow less sentimental over the years and only save things that I know will mean something down the road.

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

I love the story about your hoaridng and th ememories attached to stuff. I am exactly the same!

Fell 4 Fashion said...

LOVE the black and white!

Diya said...

LOVE this b/w outfit! classic.

ps. please take a second to check out my new blog:

Bug said...

I love this outfit, the vest is very cute. Ive been buying some new apartment decor and at times I look back at the stuff I acquired over the years. It was hard to replace my old baking pans, lol.


Candycane said...

Thanks for all the comments - I try not to become so attached to things - I just can't help it hehe

CC xXx