Thursday, 26 August 2010

Revisiting the past ...

Today I went over to my mum and dad's house to go through some things in my old bedroom, Mum and Dad are wanting an office and even though I moved out a loooong time ago, a lot of my childhood stuff is still there ... Plus a lot of newly acquainted things that are NOT MINE!!!

It was really fun to go through all of the things, and we only got one side of boxes done!
In amongst my things was my Grandmas wedding gown and veil, plus a load of my Nanna's old letters, jewellery, photos and I found a great leather coin purse and a pair of brown leather gloves .. which found there way home with me :D

Will have to go back next week and try to do some more, there is just SOOOOO much stuff!

What I wore:
Top: Papaya @ Matalan.
Shorts: Cherokee @ Tesco.
Leggings: Primark.
Cardie: C.M.D.
Shoes: New Look (I think???)
Necklace: Gift from Dad.

On Tuesday one of my best friends came over to play :)

I met her on the first day of Uni, 10 years ago and we have been bezzie mates ever since!
Needless to say we gossiped and caught up for hours and hours with endless cups of tea and choccies ;P

I didn't have shoes on in these pics as I wasn't leaving my house!!

What I wore:
Jeans: Asda.
Top: Tesco.
Cardie: C.M.D.
Scarf: Gifted.


Bonnie said...

Hi, I'm really loving your second outfit. It's just perfectly styled right down to the bare feet! Mostly I'm loving your scarf. Hope the weather is holding up.


Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

It's always so much fun to go through old things and relive the memories! I love looking through my old stuff to remember things I have forgotten. I'm glad to hear you found some great things too!

Vintage Vixen said...

How exciting, those treasures sound fab. I do hope you'll be sharing them with us sometime soon!
Love both outfits, the cardis are both fabulous. Have a wonderful weekend, sal! xxx

Alex said...

I absolutely love your second outfit, it's just such effortless cosy chic. The scarf is fab!

Filipa said...

Oh I love rummaging through old stuff, and last time I went home I came away with a big bag of my mums and grandma's old vintage clothes! I had my wardrobe updated for the whole season for free! :)

Kari said...

It is so fun to go treasure hunting through your own possessions and through family archives. How neat to revisit your Nanna's items, especially old letters - those are so precious and I hope your family is able to keep them.

I love your long gray cardi - the drape is so pretty on you.

Thank you for stopping by to say hello!

Missy M said...

I love this post! Thanks for sharing x I’ve just come across your blog and I love it! Will be stopping by from now on x

Blending Style, Beauty and Fashion

Kat said...

great blog!

please check out my blog and enter my giveaway :)

Becca said...

I haven't lived at home in a long time either, but everytime I do go home, without fail I end up sifting through boxes in the garage and looking through childhood memories and family mementos. I found some love letters from my Grandpa to my Grandma last time I was there! It's amazing how this special stuff gets tucked away.