Sunday, 1 August 2010

July Round Up!

Which is your fave July outfit?
Sex and the city?
Checks by the mirror?
Blue Shorts?
A day at the races?
Purple Work?
Zac's Christening?
Sofa work?
Denim waistcoat?
Pink Dress?
Heart of the ocean?
Moo Point?
Blue Splatters?
Living on the wedge?
Red and Black?
Pink and Grey Workplace Wear? free polls

Last time's winner:

Please vote and let me know if you have a comment - I really do appreciate them all :D


Bonnie said...

So I voted for Purple Work but for me Living on the Wedge came in a close second!

xoxo, Bonnie

Vintage Vixen said...

Maci skirt for me, but I expect you already guessed I would. xxx

Candycane said...

Thanks for the votes ladies ...


Lucy, Dear Fish said...

Cute shoes! Red...I like!