Tuesday, 31 August 2010

I got my head checked .... By a jumbo jet

Well not quite ....

I got my results from my CT scan today, so it was an early start (Hence having nowhere in the living room to take pics because of the sun!!)

Got to the hospital at 9.15am .. and by 11.30am I was still sat there waiting ... oh all this after being sent to the WRONG department 3 times!!!

What a palaver!

Anyway - the results showed no significant abnormalities, but as they are still not sure what is causing the headaches etc, they want me to now have an MRI Scan, which I was meant to be having in the first place - to test the blood vessels!

After finally getting out of the hosp, we were both starving Marvin's (me and the hubs that is) so we went to Maccy D's ;) and were going to go catch Toy Story 3 at the cinema, but it was really sunny day so decided not to sit in a dark room!

And went DIY stores instead - what, wait, there not outside?? Logic please people?

Got some wallpaper samples and then did the weekly shop!!

What I wore:

Top and Cardie -both: New Look.

Skirt: Thrifted.

Belt: Primark.

Shoes: Marks and Spencer Limited Collection.

Bangle: Vintage.

Necklace: Gifted, a leaving present from a child at work!
How I've worn this skirt before!

Blog Title Song: Song 2 - Blur!


Vintage Vixen said...

What a run-around and still no definate answers, grrr! At least you're still smiling, Sal. xxx

Kari said...

I'm so sorry to hear that you have no answers yet! Crossing my fingers for you that the issue is sorted soon.

Those shoes are 100% adorable!

Anonymous said...

Love the collage of usage on the same skirt- those always inspire me to mix things up more!

Bonnie said...

Ugh, sorry no definite word yet. But we'll be thinking of you when it comes time for your MRI.

I think you've got yourself quite the versatile skirt. All the pairings are quite nice!


Alex said...

Why do hospitals do that??? Grr, you'd think they'd have worked out how to send people to the right department by now, wouldn't you?

The skirt is so fab! What a great length and shape. I really like your collage too - shows just how versatile a piece it is.

Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

I'm glad that the tests turned out normal!! You look gorgeous btw, the pink top looks beautiful with that skirt!


Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

Hello!! Sorry I comment again but I have a HUGE favor to ask you! I see that you also use Shape Collage to make your photo collages and I sorda messed up mine. I decided to update the latest version of Shape Collage and this version places the "shape collage" title in big in the center, so make sure you don't download it!! I was wondering if you could possibly send me the instal file of the program... what do you think? My email is thejoyoffashion [at] hotmail [dot] com if you want to chat about it. Thankkksss!


Candycane said...

Thanks everyone - its just sooo frustrating!! And also thanks for the lovely comments :D

Marie have emailed you hun!