Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Double Denim and All Change

Wore this double denim outfit on Sunday over to my parents house for tea!!

Didn't do a lot else on Sunday other than relax as I was tired after going to the football club on Saturday for the opening of the new bar :D

All v swish now ... better than our old shed? Well depends, I was rather sentimental over that kooky ol place! But this one will bring in lots more £££ I guess as we can have functions such as wedding receptions and b'day party's in it!

What I Wore:

Top: Cherokee @ Tesco.

Denim Waistcoat: Miss Selfridge.

Jeans: Red Herring Maternity.

Shoes: Fiore.

On Monday I had an appointment with my consultant at the hospital .. we ended up waiting nearly an hour and a half in the waiting room (ouch and yawn) But all was good with Bumpkin so I don't really care :D :D :D

Talking of waiting - I tried to upload this blog several times tonight .. one attempt took around 40 mins and then I gave up .. memory sticked my pics and moved to laptop!

One of the reasons that my Internet has suddenly stopped working is that we have had a shuffle round with our rooms, moving one of the office desks up to the main bedroom for me to do my hair and make up on as I can no longer sit on the floor to do so ...

And we have moved the computer into a spare room, so that when the new furniture arrives it can go straight into the old office!

Why that means I have lost wireless connection I don't know!!!

What I Wore:

Skirt: Thrifted and Gifted - Mum (Orig Pilot).

Top: Primark.

Cardie: George @ Asda.

Boots: Barrett's.

Have also been having fun looking back over my past blog entries - love looking at the diff outfits and how they were put together, and the memories attached .. do you do this???


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