Tuesday, 30 October 2012


Please, Please stay safe my blogger friends on the East Coast - I'm thinking of you all and you are in my prayers!!

I can't stop watching CNN!!!

Thinking of you all!!

CC xXx


Bonnie said...

Hi Sal, I have also been following the storm as if it were some disaster movie which I can't tear myself away from. Hopefully recovery efforts will progress swiftly.

I am well and thought it time for another post so thanks for visiting with me! I enjoyed the outfit you posted on Oct. 7. I esp. liked the top that looked like it had some sort of ruffle or something on the bottom of it. Love your hair color!

xo, Bonnie

Candycane said...

Thanks Bonnie - good to hear from you :D And thanks for your kind comments! :D

Hope to read another post from you soon!!

Sal x