Thursday, 26 February 2009

Didn't get to go to NeverNeverLand

Well I didn't get to go to Metallica :'( As I wasn't very well .. had to have yet another day off work today - and went to the docs, he says it's just my condition and a bad flare up of my IBS :'( Am in quite a lot of pain at the moment - given me some new tablets so we'll see - I'm rattling!

France 2morro - hope I feel better :'( Won't be much fun for me or the boy's if I feel like this .. will hopefully add some pics when I get back .. am already feeling a bit uneasy about packing and going 2morro - what with my ocd I find it really hard some days! Trying to remain calm though and hopefully I'll get some sleep tonight - please please please!

Sal xXx

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