Saturday, 28 February 2009

Faves of the mo...

Ok so i'm stuck in bed so thought I would cheer myself up by posting some pictures of favorite outfits of late seeing as I can't do a What I wore today post!!
This outfit has been worn on many occasions usually to a gig or to go out for drinks .. it's simple and can be changed up a little by accsessories!

Top: Primark
Skirt: New look
Tights: Primark
Boots: Unknown
Belt: New Look
Brown Scarf - Avon.
Silver Scarf: Thrifted.

I have been loving this flowery dress now for some months, got it last summer I think and its been all over the place with me - it's so comfy and really brightens up anyday whether worn alone, with tights or trousers!

The above piccie is in Le Touquet with my lovely mummy.

Dress: Boutique at Mcarthur Glen.
Cardigan: New Look.
Hair Flower (Just seen): Claires.
Jeans: New Look. (I think)
Shoes: Mary Janes as a present for b'day!

I love this bright pink combo, and often wear this cardi with lots of other outfits to brighten them up!
Dress: New Look.
Cardi: New Look.

Ok a few more faves 1st pic Black top is a staple wardrobe fave.

Brown top and cream flowery skirt were aqquired in the US and I love them. Grey top is mainly a work item but do wear it socially somtimes teamed with jeans and boots.

This shirt I wear all the time - love it!

1st pic: Black top: unknown.

2nd pic: Top H&M USA
Skirt: H&M USA
Shoes: Mary Janes bought as present.

3rd pic: Top: Primark
Jeans: George at Asda
Boots: Unknown

4th Pic: Top: Chereokke
Shorts: Chereokee.


*kate* said...

hey hun... sorry to hear you are stuck in bed but def a time to have fun shopping in your own closet... feel better :)

Londyn said...

I'd love to see that pretty blue and white top with some skinny black or blue jeans and some killer high heels!

Candycane said...


Londyn I do wear it with my grey skinny's sometimes and heels to go out .. i'll see if I can find a pic :)

Thanks for the comments.