Tuesday, 24 February 2009

My first blog!

I've been a secret reader of some peoples blogs for a while now, spesh loving the fashion ones like what I wore today etc ....

Hopefully I might do a few days myself as I like the idea of doing that .. not everyday though - as I have Fibromyalgia and so somedays there would just be shots of me lazing around in my pj's!!

I mainly started this blog as it is now 5 months till my wedding day and it will be nice to keep record of things and be able to look back on how I felt and what I was doing.

Today I phoned the Bridal Rooms where i have ordered my shoes from - they said they left me a voicemail saying they were here, but I deffo haven't received it - hmmmm Anyway hopefully I'll be able to go on Thurs after work and try my lovely shoes on :D
They are the shoes I am hopefully having - after I check they fit of course! They are called Royale Else (Well it had to be done what with my name (at the mo :( ) being Else!!)

Also today some of my craft supplies have arrived to make my table numbers and placecards - got v excited (oh dear) My stationary should be on it's way now 2 and I go to pick up my wedding ring on Friday :)

I'm having a Edwardian style dress by Ronald Joyce with lots of lace and bling :) I won't post a pic of that though as I don't want anyone to see it yet :).
I had my hair trial last Thursday and I do like it but it doesn't feel quite right as my hair is shoulder length and I have been trying to grow it for about a year .. however it hasn't been to successful .. And when it's curly it's even shorter:

So now I'm thinking of buying hair extensions .. I have seen these that I like:

So I might see .. I want it to go over my shoulders in cascading curls .. pics are on pc so will have to add them another time!!

To do list:
  • Find Vintage hair clip to match tiara!
  • Find and buy BM dresses (which are driving me mad)
  • Vintage style long sparkly earrings
  • Evening invites
  • Table name holders
  • Mirrors for centre pieces
  • Organza ribbon for napkins
  • Memory candle
  • Make the table names and placecards
  • Type up speech
  • Find 2nd reading
  • Hotel list, gift list and song request lists.
  • Book booze Cruise for all the alchyhol :)

Will prob think of more later .. anyway better go and get my tea - it's pancake day 2day so better find some room - Have really bad tummy ache though :'(

Metallica 2morro YEY :)

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