Tuesday, 18 August 2009

My wedding day report!

Friday 14th August 2009.

So the night before we went over to the venue and I found out that I would be sleeping in the bridal suite which was nice as I wouldn’t have to move rooms, unpacked my bags and then h2b and I headed downstairs and met my Mum and Dad at reception, The Hotel manager came over and took us to the cocktail lounge and got us all a drink and we chatted for half an hour or so before Gra, Mum and Dad decided they were going to go home.
So said my goodbyes and headed back up to my room, was sorting things out when realized I hadn’t got my bottle of Champagne for the morning, quick phone call to Gra and he said he would give it to my mum to bring over!

After this popped open my mini bottle of champers and chocolates that I had, had from my birthday two day’s before and relaxed in and watched the Big Brother eviction LOL .. Listening to the wedding reception music that was going on downstairs, which actually made me feel really relaxed and happy!

Got ready for bed, had a hot chocolate and watched telly a little bit more …….

Sat 15th August 2009.

Woke up at around 6.30am in a boiling hot room, but had slept surprisingly well – as I don’t usually sleep well anyway due to illness. Had about another hour of dozing and then got up, made myself a cup of tea and opened my presents from h2b, had a new IPOD with a little note saying play the first song, I didn’t really know what to expect when I pressed play but then on popped Gra’s voice with a really lovely message saying how today was going to be the happiest day of his life and he couldn't wait to see me etc, I had a few tears and then listened to it again, and again!!

Opened my card and my other gifts from him and then sent him a text to say morning and thank you... he was just getting himself a cuppa and then was going to open mine (I had made him a memory book of pictures, and keepsakes from when we first met all the way through to now – which he later told me made him cry too)
By now it was around 8.15ish so I ran myself a lovely bath and took my time to wash my hair, put my moisturizer set on etc... the texts had started coming to wish us good luck whilst I was in the bath so replied to a few of those, dried my hair and got dressed and went down to breakfast.

The queue for breakfast was soooo long and even though I had plenty of time this gave me a little time for the butterfly’s in my tummy to start to somersault so did some deep breathing, finally it was my time at the breakfast bar, but they only had bacon, scrambled eggs and beans left from the cooked breakfast – oh well that would have to do… it was lovely but I can’t really remember eating it to be honest!
Went back up to the room and started to get everything ready .. had about half an hour till the BM’s and Mum arrived – Didn’t really know what to do .. so watched the Emmerdale Omnibus – haven’t watched Emmerdale for years!!! Rang mum and asked if I should be doing something rather than watching TV.. but she told me to just relax – so I did!

Reception phoned to say they had all arrived and were on there way up to the room; BM’s entered and told me that they had had a crash on the way over!!!!! But all were OK .. and we had a laugh talking about the silly boy that had ran into the back of them!
Mum arrived with THE dress and hung it up in the wardrobe – then told me that in all the commotion she had forgotten her own outfit – so Dad was driving back home for it!

We opened the bubbly and the hairdresser arrived! It was a lovely chilled and relaxed morning, the girls opened there prezzies and we had a few tears; they kept saying how calm I was when they were really nervous!
They all got there hair done and all looked sooo pretty .. then I had mine done – Loved it! The flowers arrived and were everything I had wanted! Next the make-up lady arrived and so did some bowls of chips – bad timing as I didn’t get to eat any of them!!
The Photographer arrived next and she instantly put us all at ease and was fantastic, making us all laugh!
The girls and Mum went back to my Mum and Dad’s room to get changed and I had 15 mins on my own which was nice ..Just time to put on my garter with a football badge attached to it, my perfume and jewellery then it was time for the dress……
Once I had my dream dress on I was raring to go . but there was lot’s of posing and photos to be taken before that .. Then there was a knock on the door .. Dad was here ……

The girls, Mum and photographer all piled out and went downstairs and Dad came into the room, He started to choke up and I said that I knew that this was the time I would start to cry … he walked into the room and told me I looked stunning and then went to dry his own tears, it was a lovely moment between us … and then it was time to go!

After the formality’s of talking to the registrar we walked down the big spiral staircase to the hotel reception and there were the bridesmaids waiting for me with our little flower girl, I heard the music start up (Nella Fantasia by Il Divo) and my stomach flipped I felt like I was going to cry and had to keep taking huge breaths to calm me down. I can only remember walking in and seeing smiles and faces but not really seeing who anyone was, I looked at Gra beaming at me and his eyes glazing over .. I reached him and he told me I looked phenomenal and couldn’t stop smiling at me!!
I had been really nervous weeks before the ceremony about speaking in front of everyone, but I was so sure and confident I was doing the right thing that the words came out so easily. My friend did a beautiful reading for us .. and then we made our vows and exchanged rings! I was sooooo happy.
During signing the registrar was the first time I had to look around and see all the faces smiling back at us – I enjoyed seeing peoples reactions when they realized the piece of classical music playing was actually Metallica’s – Nothing Else Matter’s by Apocolyptica. More photo’s were taken then it was time for our exit .. Gra and I had a little giggle to ourselves knowing what song was coming next .. or at least what we thought was coming as the CD player decided to give up the ghost and stopped playing – quickly a reserve was brought in and the familiar chords of the Imperial March from Star Wars filled the air!!!! To many a laugh a might add :D

We were taken outside into the glorious sunshine (Our fears of the bad weather washing away) and the endless photographs began – I didn’t even get chance for a reception drink before being whisked away for more pictures, but I didn’t mind, as it gave me a chance to watch everyone chatting and having a good time and I got to spend time talking to my new husband!!

Time passed and it was now time for our entrance into the marquee, everyone was ushered in and then The New Mr and Mrs. were announced to cheers and claps, we made our way over to the table and the speeches began!

My Dad’s speech was first and I knew he had been very nervous about this, but I thought it was brilliant, he was funny, sweet and embarrassing bringing up stories from my childhood and teenage years. Next up was myself as I wanted to say a few words to thank everyone for being there for me since I was diagnosed with my illness 3 years ago, I got all the way through till I was saying that my parents are not only my parents but my best friends and had to stop as the words wouldn’t come out! Took a few deep breaths and my Mum squeezed my hand and told me to take my time and then I carried on, at the end of my speech I presented Gra with a signed card from The Bradford Bulls Rugby Team and he seemed to be very pleased with that.

Then it was his turn to speak, he made a very sweet and sincere speech mentioning when we first met and how much he loved me etc, he also mentioned the fact that his sister and our page boys hadn’t been able to make it which made me tear up again.
The Best Man’s speech went down a treat it was very risqué but he pulled it of and everyone was laughing soooo much – I was shocked as he is not normally like that!

Subsequently the meal was served; We had Ladies starter of Brie and Bacon Salad, Men’s starter of Chicken Liver Pate, Then a carvery with so many different hot and cold meats, a dressed salmon and vegetables and salads.
Between the Main and the Pudding we cut the cake and then we as a couple had a wander round the different tables talking to everyone before the dessert of Tiramisu or Lemon Cheesecake was served. Coffee’s and fudge was served next and the favor jar’s popped open (The tables were all names after different sweets that reflected the guests on each table! Including Candycanes of course :D)

After the meal Gra and I took a few minutes away from everyone to walk back up to the hotel and have a few minutes to have a sit down and retouch my makeup etc before heading back down the lawns, on our way back down our evening guests had started to filter in and we were met by hugs and kisses from all sides.

Soon after the evening reception began .. we were allowed back into the marquee which had been changed around for the night do .. and I was stunned by how pretty it looked with all the candles and lights .. the cake was placed into the middle to be cut and everyone filed in to watch us pose to cut it again.
This was then taken to the side so that the first dance could begin – Thankyou for Loving me – By Bon Jovi! Including an air guitar solo from my new husband which delighted everyone as he is known for it every time we go out anywhere :D

The party was well underway and we danced, chatted and laughed the night away – making sure we had time on our own every now and then! It was great to see so many people dancing and enjoying themselves, and people kept coming up to tell us that they were having an amazing time and people told us it was the best music they had heard at a wedding reception – so the sending out of song request sheets in the invites deffo works!!!

Then all too soon it was the last few dances, everyone was on the dance floor and again it was lovely to look around and see all the couple swaying besides us, including both sets of parents!
A huge circle was formed around us and we danced to “You’ll never walk alone” and “New York, New York.”

Sadly it came time to say our goodbyes to everyone and there were lots of goodbyes and good nights and more photos’s taken.
I was soooo tired by now that I flopped into bed and Gra and I sat up talking for another hour or so about what had happened on our amazing day.

The next day we got up and went down to breakfast and all the people that had stayed over at the hotel were sat waiting for us and clapped us into the breakfast room!
It was so nice being able to sit and share breakfast with everyone and talk over the events of the past 24 hours!

Best day EVER!!!


Sher said...

You were an absolutely stunning bride! So radiantly happy!

Too funny about the Star Wars march LOL! I can see how you both have a sense of humor :D

Nessa said...

Sorry i've been on hiaus a bit..but CONGRATULATIONS! Xoxo's to you, you'll looked beautiful!! :)

Boutique Girl said...

Congratulations - you looked lovely! Sounds like a great day!

Kari said...

Aaack, how did I miss this? You look fantastic, and I'm so glad that it was a full, happy, joyful day. Congratulations to you and your new husband!

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

I missed your wedding while I was away but I have enjoyed catching up. I wish you both a long, happy and healthy marriage.

Kari said...

How have you been doing? I hope your absence means you are thoroughly enjoying married life & simply having too much fun to blog. Wishing you all the best!!!

Candycane said...

Thankyou to everyone for there kind comments :D