Tuesday, 19 January 2010

France Part 2 ....

Me and the hubster up a mountain in the Pyrenees!

This is the outfit I wore on Sunday, we had a lazy morning of playing with the boys and then a fabulous lunch .. before heading to the ski slopes - now I cannot for the life of me ski .. so we went sledging with the 5 and 2 yr old - we had SUCH a fun time (I don't know who enjoyed it more hehe) We then built an igloo and a table out of snow and had a mini picnic up the mountain - Le Mourtiss.

After that we played some more before the children's bedtime then had yet another amazing meal cooked by Heather (Sis in Law) I'll not be fitting in my clothes at this rate ;p

What I wore:
Teal top: Primark.
Brown Top: Matalan.
Jeans: Skinny @ Asda.
Socks: Primark.
Scarf: Gifted.
Coat: Next.
Hat: Thinsulate (Gra's)
Mittens: Avon.
Snow Boots: Borrowed from bro in law :P

Below is what I wore on the last day :( To travel home in, we got up early again and said our goodbyes, we had to say bye to the boys the night before as we left around 6.30amish

The middle photo here is me trying to mirror the statue in our room :)

What I wore:
Purple Top: New Look??
Checked Shirt: Evie.
Jeans: New York Laundry
Boots: Gifted.

I have lots more pics but didn't want to put the pics on without permission as most of them include the boys etc.

They are on my FB account if anyone wants to see us sledging etc hehe.

Oh and don't forget to take a look at Part 1


vintagewithatwist said...

first of all I'm so jealous! and secondly, love the outfits!

Bug said...

Outfits very cute as always. I would love to skiing, but I would probably be too scared and go sledding instead like you.


Kari said...

Oh, how fun - this looks like such a neat place, and I love what you've shared of your in-laws' chateau! I so wish I could fly over and rent it out for a week... You and your husband look like you're having a wonderful time.

Candycane said...

For anyone who is interested the website is www.lalanette.com

Sher said...

I'm doing catching up here. I know you posted the website, I'll check it out. You look like you were having so much fun! Good for both of you!