Sunday, 31 January 2010

Square one!!!!

Am just writing a quick note to say that I am okay and out of hosp, will do a proper blog update in a few days.
Am in quite a lot of pain at the mo and on 7 types of drugs!!! Unfortunatly the op didn't go to plan ( nothing bad happened they just couldn't do what they had hoped) so am back at square one, with added pain grrrr!!

Thanks for your messages and I shall be back in a few days time and hope to catch up with all your blogs ( I have 3 to 4 weeks off work sick now!!!)

Sal xXx


Kari said...

I'm glad that you are okay, but what a huge bummer that the surgery didn't accomplish the needed result. I hope that you heal quickly and are pain-free soon. Big (bug gentle) hugs to you.

Peldyn said...

So sorry about your surgery. I can so relate! Take care :)

wjandsw said...

Oh my! Get well soon hun

Denise said...

come back soon gorgeous. we miss you.

I am Denise Katipunera

Candycane said...

Thanks for your messages - have just written an update!

Sal xXx