Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Oh the weather outside is frightful....


Today the snow finally hit big time and brought most of Britain to a standstill as per usual - Was getting ready for work when I had "The Call" telling me that school was closing!

The snow kept falling and our road was blocked off from civilisation (well by car anyway) so I called the hubby to tell him to come home b4 he got stuck .. he was already on his way!

I watched many amusing sights such as a dustbin lorry trying to back up the road - and failing and also a very strange woman mopping her drive???!!!

When hubby arrived we took down all the Xmas deco's :( and then decided to go out for a walk - so togged up we went down to the local shops to get bread etc (and a yummy cream cake may of jumped in :) ) Then we called at the pub for a pub lunch and coffee :)

I do like me a snow day - but now I need it to go away ... I have things to do .. and a very exciting weekend planned where I need to travel and hour and half away!!! But more nasty white stuff is forecast .. anyone want to by me a 4x4??

Sorry for blabbering on so much :P Pretty much just wore scruffs and cosy things today!

What I wore today:
Sweater dress (That I think is waaay to small to be a dress!!!) : Miss C - Tesco.
White Vest (Underneath) : Next.
Jeans: New Look.
Trainers: Adidas.
Belt: Primark.
Necklace: Gifted.
Coat: Next.
Bag: Gifted - New Look.
Scarf: Gifted.
Hat: Gra's.
Mittens: Avon.

Showing you my hat hair and how curly it went :D (And a little hubby working in the background!)


Mary said...

I wish I could promise to bring better weather along, but unfortunately it's even colder and snowier where I live :) It sounds like you had a fun snow day though! I hope the weather gets better soon!

Nessa said...

Your hair looks cute curly! ;)
Happy new year!!!

Kitsch said...

You are so beautiful. and i love your haircut. :)

Crystal Ball said...

Oh the snow looks so pretty!

Candycane said...

It's naturally v curly Nessa but I straighten it out nearly everyday!!!

The snow does indeed look pretty but I NEED it to GO NOW!!!!!!

Mary if you could stop off somewhere hot on your way over and bring some sunshine and heat more importantly ;)

Have a great journey over!


Sher said...

Your place looks just like my area :) I'm ok for now, but come February I want warmth again. You look so warm and stylish in your winter coat. Hang in there and have fun this weekend!

Candycane said...

Thanks Sher ... We've had a bit more snow since then, but hopefully thats the last ...... for now at least?!?

Managed to get out this weekend - had a great time (see recent blog for details :))