Monday, 10 May 2010

Break from the norm ....

There now will be a short break from normal transmission ..
There are no outfit posts at the moment - as I am currently off work sick again :'(
So I thought i would take this time to reminisce a little. The other day (May the 6th to be precise) was 4 years since Gra and I got engaged - at the Grand Canyon ... at sunset.. yes how romantic huh :D
He was acting a little peculiar that day (more than normal, i should add ;P) but i put it down to the fact that he doesn't "do" heights. We trekked the canyon in the day, had a nice picnic lunch, then went back up to the top of the canyon to watch the sunset.
After the sun had bid it's farewell for the night, we walking back, it was so peaceful and quiet and just so breathtakingly beautiful, I was thinking to myself "How nice it would be if he proposed now"
Turned around and he was getting down on one knee .. I couldn't believe it .. I began to cry .. he asked me and the rest as they say is history!

My engagement ring (sorry for the shabby polish job!) And having a meal at a restaurant near the canyon - you can tell Ive been crying!!

After we parked up back at the hotel we found a restaurant and had a celebratory meal! ... the ring we didn't find until we were in San Fransisco - not for the want of trying - or to Gra's dispair as I tried on about every ring possible ;P

This also means of course that it is four years since we took our trip around the west coast of America .. I soooooo want to do it again someday!! (If any of my American blog buddies want to invite me over lol)

I've always had an infinity with the USA - even from when i was small .. my mum used to say i was born in the wrong country!!

Now and Then.

The other day whilst perusing the blog world I stumbled across The Clothes Horse

page. She was doing a flashback Friday of some of her blog friends ... and it made me want to do one to :D So here you go!

Once a poser, always a poser hey?
(Dontacha love my sailor dress, slippers and feather duster?? ;P)

And finally seeing as I haven't been out for what feels like ages - apart from to the doctors - I have been looking at online stores .. I never really buy from them, as I am very picky when it comes to trying things on .. I'll love the look of them... just not always on me!

Anyway these are a few things I would like for the summer months!

Flip Flops and a Cowboy hat!

Rock T's (for the summer concerts I'm attending)

Play suits and Harem cropped trousers.

Cute cardies and Bandeau tops.

Dress's, Dress's and More Dress's :D


Winnie said...

I love your engagement story, so sweet and every girls dream too! Awww.

Love the pic of you as a baby, so incredibly cute. I love that little sailor style dress, I think every mother must have dressed their girls this way, I definitely had a sailor outfit somewhere!

Candycane said...

Yes - I should also tell you that Gra had told me prior to this (when we began dating really) he didn't want to get married - so it was even more of a shock!!


Glitter Scrubs - Lesley said...

Happy Anniversary! The Grand Canyon is a beautiful place to get engaged! I've been to Vegas many times (it's only a 2 hour flight from Vancouver) but I keep missing out on seeing the Grand Canyon! Next time for sure :) And I don't live in America, but you're always welcome to come to west coast canada ;) i can give you the grand tour! plus i live 5 minutes from the border lol.
Hope you're feeling better!

Candycane said...

Cool ive never been to Canda before ;P

My Mum and Dad used to have friends who lived in Canada, but when I was little they always used to come and stay with us .. we never made it over there unfortunatly :'(

The Grand Canyon was even more beautiful and magical (sounds corny) than even I expected it to be!!! Really is something to see.

Winnie said...

ps: Love that Avon x Hello Kitty reminded you of me, I will deffo be checking it out, think we have a catalogue somewhere in the house!

Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

What a great post!! I looove your engagement story, so romantic!!! Oh, and btw, I got the necklace in Panama... they had it in all the different colors, but this is the one I liked the best! How funny that we live so far away from each other but we have very similar items! jaja

C said...

Such a sweet story. Cute clothes choices also.

Bug said...

Your engagement story is so sweet. I bet you were the happiest girl ever! You were an adorable little girl. Love the feather duster :)

Candycane said...

Yeah I used to think I was helping .. when in reality I left a trail of small pink feathers everywhere i dusted ;P