Sunday, 30 May 2010

Red .... Head!

Wore this outfit on Thursday to work - last day of term (for a week) yey :D Wasn't as warm as is it has been over last few days .. boo!

After work I had an appointment at the Neurologists, Had a few tests and things and he told me that in his opinion there is nothing seriously wrong, however I am booked in for an MRI scan to check to make sure .. Am quite glad they are checking all the bases as I am still not feeling 100% yet :(

I wore my "Lucky" necklace that my mum gave me for when I was at University sitting my exams, It is the Chinese symbol for luck!!
How I have worn this skirt (I stole from my mother haha) before!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend?!?


Kim said...

Have a good week off and I hope all the tests results comeback clear.

Nice skirt find from mum! :D

Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

The red top combines with the skirt perfectly, good job!