Wednesday, 26 May 2010

The Land of Cheese and Cider part 2 ...

On the Sunday it was another gorgeous day - so we decided to take a picnic to Cheddar Gorge! Cheddar is famous for cheese and cider, both of which I love!

For these pictures I am sat by the lake I mentioned in my last post - on our caravan site - how beautiful is this to wake up to??

Cheddar Gorge!

The next day was unfortunately our last day in Somerset, we packed up the caravan and headed back up north ... stopping for a day out in Gloucester on the way!

It was yet another beautiful sunny day and as you can see I am squinting a bit in these pictures :)
This skirt and necklace used to belong to my mum!

We went to Gloucester docks and had a look at the barge boats and sat and drank iced lattes .. then we walked to the Cathedral .. it was one of the most amazing cathedral's I have ever seen .. and I have seen a lot .. something about it made me so awestruck and emotional .. I lit a candle in the chapel part and had a few quiet thoughts and even a few tears.


The cathedral was used to film some of the corridor scenes in the Harry Potter films .. it is meant to be the inside of Hogwarts .. so I had much fun looking for places I recognised also!

After this we went for a wander round a few of the old streets .. found a brilliant vintage shop! Then we had lunch sat outside a cafe in the glorious sunshine .. what a perfect way to end our mini break!

Sadly it was back to work today after my lovely little break! Haven't been in for 2 weeks - because of my illness, thankfully all the kids were great .. and all seemed very pleased to see me - which is always nice :D We made fruit kebabs this afternoon - YUM!!!

Bit of a boring outfit - but I kind of overlay and didn't have a lot of time - plus couldn't be bothered to sort anything special out :D

I have a LOT more pictures from our trip on my facebook if anyone wants to see them!

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Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

Beautiful pictures Sal! I love the skirt too, very boho chic!