Saturday, 4 September 2010

Spidey sense and August Roundup!

So it's the end of yet another month .. can you believe it???? - I can't .. I don't want to believe my holidays are already over and its time to go back to work next week :'(
Me no wanna!!!

I took my car for HIS MOT test yesterday, all was fine and he passed with flying colours wooohooo! :D
Was very proud of my lil man haha!
On the way there, I went over to pick my mum up so we could go visit my Grandad, I was driving along down the road .. and it was so stuffy I decided to let both windows down, I noticed a little black spider making his way into the car on my side so quickly shut the window, but something told me he wasn't alone!!
I looked over at the other window and on his way in on a long web was a bigger brown spider EEEEP!
I tried to concentrate on my driving but keep an eye on the critter also!! The next time I looked i saw he had blown in and was sat on the passenger seat!
NO SIREEEEE I am not taking him for a ride I thought, and indicated to pull over, but it was too late he was climbing the handle of my handbag and making his way in!!

I had to wait until I reached my mums after not being able to locate him!
And neither of us could find the pesky little blighter! He had disappeared, we took everything out of my bag and shook it all out! No sign!!
I know he's still there watching me!
I have spidey sense!!

What I wore:
Dress: Evie @ Peacocks.
Cardie: Primark.
Jeans: Dorothy Perkins.
Belt: New Look.
Shoes: Marks and Spencer Limited Collection.

So here we go with yet another roundup, please take a quick look at the below outfits and vote on my poll, it means so much to me that you take the time out to do this and also when you leave a comment - it makes my day!

1 2 3 4 5

6 7 8 9


11 12 13 14 15

16 17 18 19

Which is your fave outfit from August?
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Well not strictly speaking, as it was a tie between several, so I chose MY fave from the ones that won! ;P

Hope everyone is having a great weekend?


Bonnie said...

Hi Sal, I was driving one day with the window down when out of nowhere a honey bee flew in the car and landed on the top of my knee! OMG, and it stayed there the whole time! It was the longest ride ever and I did not move my leg an inch until I parked, opened the car door and shoved it off hoping not to get stung!

Your clothes combo today is so cute! I voted for your #19 outfit with #9 coming in a close second but I also liked #3 and thought you looked stunning in #7. Lots to choose from this August!

Have a great weekend, Bonnie

Vintage Vixen said...

Eeek! I hate spiders. I don't think I'd get back in the car until it had been fumigated. I've voted for No.11.
Hope you're enjoying your weekend. xxx

Alex said...

One of the men I work with just thought it was funny to show me a HUGE spider in a bucket. I think I screamed loudly enough to persuade him that it wasn't at all amusing.

I love outfit 6.

Kari said...

Thank you - I hope that you are having a lovely weekend yourself!

For me, it was close between 17 and 14 - both are beautiful.

I also want to add that your hair looks so great in today's pictures - did you recently get it cut?

Candycane said...

Thanks for voting peeps :D

Kari thanks for the comment regarding my hair, as I was thinking it was a bit of a mess at mo - i'm getting it done next week!! :D SO thats cheered me up!!

Love to you all xXx