Saturday, 31 March 2012

March Scavenger Hunt

This month I decided to take part in the MARCH SCAVENGER HUNT on Postcards from the P.P's blog!

I have seen a few people do it before and thought I'd have a crack myself - I took most of these on my phone when I saw them (as I don't often carry my camera around with me on a day to day basis)

So here goes:

Theatre: This is an old theatre which is now a cinema.

Square and city: Cheated on this one a little ;P



Kitchen: In a DIY shop showroom!

Half a face:

Fashion: My tootsies ;P



However I didn't get a picture for Fancy or of a street sign - I really wanted to take one of a local street called "Rock n Roll Alley" I even took my daughter on a walk past it purposely to take a picture but there were lots of people and traffic and I chickened out!!!

I wonder what April's hunt will bring :D



Eileen said...

Well done, great photos. Love the toes!

Candycane said...

Haha Thankyou :) xXx