Friday, 27 March 2009

Back ...

Hello everyone!

Sorry I haven't been on since last week, took some outfit pictures on Sunday that I will add soon, but then Monday I was taken into hospital!

Had the bad stomach pains again so got taken to a+e - they gave me a Tramadol injection and it made me have a seizure!!!!!! Anyway this ended up causing my muscles to rip so I have bad pains in my legs again now 2!

Was in till yesterday and had several different tests and ultrasounds etc came back with I have 2 cysts on my ovaries but they don't know if that is what is causing this certain pain or not!

Anyway been to see my GP today and she's prescribed me some more pills - so we will see how we get on!

Work are being horrible at the moment, I relalise this month has been really bad - but they could be a it more sympathetic it's not my fault! Have started my therapy - got a refferal to the M.E clinic! What more can I do!

Anyway lot's to do - still got so much to think about for the wedding etc so will have to see how I get on - will try to get the pics from last weekend on the comp 2morro (am on laptop at mo)

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