Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Victorian secret!

How I would like my hair cut - will have to wait till after the wedding now - although it is annoying me - maybe I can get it done in the week between wedding and honeymoon - good plan stan!! :)

Not going to do a full blog now, as I took my temazapan about 30Min's ago so should get to beddy byes soon, but I have been looking online at all things to do with Edwardian and Victorian weddings as my dress is quite within those styles ... almost like something that could be seen on Titanic!

So now I've decided I should incorporate that into the rest of my look and am looking at hair, make-up, flowers, accessories - have seen so many nice things!

Turns out my flowers are v Victorian style as I am having lots of Ivy, Calla Lillies and White Roses which were v popular then - and I didn't even realise!

Anyway the other thing I wanted to talk about tonight is my hair - it's bugging me a bit, it's kinda in between where I want it to be and I just want to get it cut into a new style but can't coz I'm trying (not v successfully) to grow it for the wedding - although I still haven't ordered my extensions there looking like a good option at the mo!

Oh and I'm thinking black and burgundy for bm's now seeing as we are having such trouble with finding nice burgundy ones! I'll post the pics in a sec of the ones I like then I'm off .. prob be on for another 20mins though once I start wedding planning I can't stop - what am I going to do after the weddings over .......


Susan - My Vintage Charm said...

Congratulations on your up and coming wedding. How exciting! You're wedding boutique is going to be lovely!

May you be blessed with happiness, health, success and love to last a lifetime!


Candycane said...

Thankyou :D

iou said...

Wish you always in happiness together