Friday, 20 March 2009


OK so today I had my first Reverse Therapy session - and it went well I think, learnt some relaxation techniques
and have some homework to do, plus have to keep a diary - which won't
be hard for me as I have kept diary's since I was around 8 years old!

got another session in a fortnight so hopefully it'll start to work - I
hope it doesn't clash with my M.E clinic though (although I have no
appointment for that at the moment) But I mean with the different
techniques they use.

Anyway feeling a bit better and a bit
happier and the sun is shining and people have left me nice comments on
my blog - so all is good :D

What I wore today:

Dress: Thrifted.
Cardi: New Look.
Jeans: New York Laundry.
Belt: Falmer.
Necklace: ????
Shoes: Gifted.
Sunglasses: Gifted - Avon.
Bag: Jane Norman.


Candycane said...

Oh and ignore my weird face in the last pic I was ready to leave and wasn't ready for the timer to go off LOL!

Nessa said...

Cute bag! ;)

Jane said...

I agree the bag is fab and goes sow well with the black and white.

Candycane said...

Thanks - My dad actually bought me as a christmas present - I was v shocked!!

NICOLE said...

That bag is gorgeous!! You're such a lovely lady, more outfits please :) Congrats on the engagement!! xoxo, Nicole