Sunday, 8 March 2009

Thinking over!

So I remembered what I wanted to blog about yesterday - it wasn't that great to be honest lol, just what films I had watched the other night - I watched 4 in a row - it's weird I kept a film diary for many many years and now I don't at all!

Anyway I watched:

  • Dirty Dancing - Havana Nights ( love the fashion in this)
  • Death Proof (Surprised me - was actually funny)
  • Dangerous Liasons (Love Cruel Intentions so thought I would try the "orig")
  • The other sister (seen it before but it's a sweet no brainer)
Anyway I've been trying to get bak into reading a lot at the mo - I adore books but I find it so hard to concentrate these day's but I'm trying just finished "Body Surfing " By Anita Shreve and am now on "31 Dream Street" By Lisa Jewell.

Didn't get to go out today to footie but am now going to go ver and see my mum and dad as I need some fresh air - i'm craving it! So will post a pic of my first outfit for months!! :) SO I need to go get ready!


Jane said...

Try A Vintage Affair - I loved it.

Candycane said...

Is that a book or a film?