Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Jersey Girl! (Pic overload ;P)

What I wore:
Skirt: New Look.
Top: Tesco.
Scarf: Gifted.
Tights: Primark.
Boots: Barrett's.

This was the outfit I wore to travel to London to go see ....

BON JOVI!!!!!!!!

Sorry got a bit excited there for a minute haha - Got to see my FAVORITIST (Word??) band in the whole wide world for the 3rd time on Sunday! Bon Jovi at the 02 arena in London!!

Anyone who knows me knows of my love for Richie Sambora - he's (one of ;P) my dream guy's! So I was a VERY happy lil lady on Sunday evening!

Plus they were......


What I wore:
Top: Bon Jovi Concert Tee.
Skirt: New Look.
Leggings: Tesco.
Shoes: Fiore.
Earrings: Alisha @ Avon.

They played all the old classics - plus the stuff off the new album .. I took so many pictures and vid's it's taken me forever to upload .. here are just two though as I don't wanna bore you all to death with here's Richie, Here's Richie with Jon, Here's Richie in a hat etc etc ;P

The next day we went into London itself and had a wander around .. then the 6 of us went on the London Eye!

It's the 2nd time I have been on it .. and it was better this time - just because it wasn't as cloudy!
Gra hates heights though, and so sat down in the middle and clung onto the seat bless him - he was VERY brave to go on it though, it's like putting me in a room full of pigeons!!

What I wore:
Tunic: Papaya @ Matalan.
Jeans: George @ Asda.
Shoes: Fiore
Earrings: Alisha @ Avon.

Below the hair and earrings may say New Jersey - But the top say's England LOL
Has anyone else been watching Jerseylicious - it's so fake it's laughable - so why can't I stop watching it haha!

What I wore:
England top: Cherokee.
Jeans: Tesco Skinny.
Shoes: Tesco.
Earrings: Alisha @ Avon.

Nails as painted for England ;P

Nail Polish:
Sally Hansen - Natural White.
Miss Sporty - 220

Wore this outfit on Saturday for England VS USA .... wasn't the best match I have ever seen! Bring on the next .....


gina said...

Love the nails!

Anonymous said...

What a great idea for DIY nails!! Love it!! OMG, Bon Jovi rules :) I love what you wore to the concert - rockin' it Jersey style - niiiice :)

Vintage Vixen said...

You look such a hot rock chick in the top photos, the scarf's so pretty.
Love the patriotic nails, hope the boys are on top form later. I can hardly bear to watch.

Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

Waao! Bon Jovi! That's wonderful Sal! I'm so happy you went to see them again. Also, you look very cute in all of these outfits!