Sunday, 13 June 2010

Princess Award!!!

The wonderful Marie over at The Joy of Fashion gave me this award! :D

1. With the award, you have to thank the person who gave it to you:

Thank you Marie I absolutely adore your style and your blog is such an inspiration - you seem such a lovely, sweet person and always leave such nice comments :D

2. Your favorite writer:
Ummm I don't really have 1 favorite, I like lots of different types of writing, I love JK Rowling, Jodi Picoult and Celia Ahern.

3. Favorite Designer:
I don't really have a favorite designer .. I'm not really that into labels!

4. Favorite Book:
Again I don't have a particular favorite!

5. Something very emotional for you:
Everything makes me emotional! I'm a very emotional person!!!

6. Something you hate:
Fake people, Two faced people, Pigeons, Clowns and Spiders!!!

7. And lastly, pass this award to the other bloggers you like most:
I love all my followers and those that I follow .. so if you wish to take part you can say you received the award from me!! :D


1 comment:

Winnie said...

I have a fear of pigeons too, if I spot one ahead of me, I avoid!!