Saturday, 25 September 2010

So rock n roll so corporate suit.

This is the dress I wore to work yesterday, it's new .. I got it on sale for £6!!!!! Yup £6!

It feels so much more than it cost, the lining is purple leopard print and is so soft, the fabric is sooo comfortable. I know it was on sale but I think I got myself a bargain there!

People at work were complementing me on it .. and then later when we went out for my Dad's birthday meal, i just changed my shoes, My Mum and Dad said how expensive it looked too :D

What I wore:
Dress: Florence and Fred @ Tesco.
Tights: Primark.
Boots: Barrett's.
Shoes: Fiore.
Necklace: Self made!

Thursday was a simple outfit!

I'm going to be running out of work clothes at this rate ha ha, might have to miss a few days as I don't want to keep posting the same outfit!

Saying that I haven't worn these trousers for a while. They are striped with a fine line of glitter, but still work appropriate I feel.
I broke my bracelet whilst at work :( My Grandad bought it me for Xmas so was a bit sad, it just snapped, but it's wooden so I've got my hubby looking into if he can fix it!

What I wore:
Top: Primark.
Trousers: Florence and Fred.
Shoes: Gifted.
Necklace: Gifted - From a child when I left my last school.
Bracelet: Gifted - Grandad.

Blog song title: Come Undone - Robbie Williams.


Belle xx said...

tagged in a post sweet xx

Vintage Vixen said...

Fab dress, what a bargain! xxx

Candycane said...

Thanks :D VV!

Will have a look now Belle ...