Sunday, 26 September 2010

Paint your smile on your lips!

Otherwise known as Kat Slater lips ;P

For my American friends Kat Slater (or Moon as she is now) is in Eastenders, a British TV show, and always wears redder than red lippy!

She's also married to one of my dream men in the show haha!

Have done bu**er all today (scuse the language) was feeling all achy and tired so had a lazy day and watched telly in bed!

Tonight we went over to Mum and Dads for Sunday dinner (YUM)

Was feeling a bit rock today :D .. well I am everyday - but today more than usual ;P

Hope everyone has had a fab weekend?

What I wore:

Top: Bon Jovi Concert Tee.

Skirt: Dorothy Perkins.

Tights: Tesco.

Socks: Asda.

Shoes: Tesco.

Scarf: Gifted - Mum.

Does anyone ever watch the song vids I put up?? :D Just out of interest I'll keep doing it anyway ;P


Bonnie said...

You gotta love vintage Bon Jovi, so yes I do watch the vids!

Too hot to do anything today. Tried to stay cool and watched a mini-marathon of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. I have no idea why I watch this show but it keeps pulling me back.

Love your outfit!


Vintage Vixen said...

That red lippy really suits you. I don't think I've watched Enders in ten years or so, dunno whose in it now. xxx

jungleworldcitizen said...

The whole outfit is awesome, but I fell in love with your shoes :) Which go perfectly with the red lips!

I found your blog through Vintage Vixen :)
Have a lovely day!

Candycane said...

Thanks and HELLO :D