Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Don't cry for me Argentina ...

This week at work we are having a World Cup week, where all of the different classes and ages throughout the school are mixed into different country groups .. Today I was meant to be working with Argentina .. Now I don't know a lot about the country myself, apart from Gonzalo Higuaín plays for there national football team, The hand of God from Maradona, Eva Peron and the Falklands war!!

So I dressed accordingly for the football theme, in Argentinian colours .. and what happens I move groups to Italy LOL!

My hand looks like its snapped!!!!!


After work I went to see my friends who have just had a baby, for my first cuddle with him .. he is sooooooo cute!!! With a great set of lungs on him ;P

What I wore:

Top: George@ Asda.

White vest: Next.

Skirt: Internationale.

Shoes: Fiore @ Matalan.

Necklace: ???

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Carnival and BBQ!

Saturday was Carnival day in the village where my Husband grew up, so the whole of the family went over - was a fun day out, and saw lots of people we knew!

Afterwards we came back and went for tea at our local pub .. later on there was an excellent rock band on .. the guitarist was amazing - playing the guitar with his teeth :D

You spin me right round, baby right round ...

What I wore:
Dress: Primark.
Shoes: Marks and Spencer.
Hair slide: Claire's Accessories.
Watch: Oasis - Gifted.
Sunday was World Cup day again for England as we faced the Germans!! We decided to hold a family BBQ and watch the game together!

The outcome however was not as we would of hoped, as we crashed out 4-1!!! Even having a goal disallowed!!
We simply were not good enough this tournament ... so I am now supporting my 2nd team - Spain!! :D Who are a different class (and better looking to boot ;P)


What I wore:
Vest: Tesco.
Shorts: Cherokee @ Tesco.
Shirt: Vintage .. Gifted.
Shoes: Fiore @ Matalan.
Necklace: Gifted.
Earrings: Gifted.
Bracelet: Gifted.

Me, My mum and bro in law.

My scary husband wondering where all the chips and dip went - OOPS!!! :P
Hope everyone had a great weekend .. what did you do???

Friday, 25 June 2010

Small Fry ...

Hello campers .. and happy Friday :D
I reached 30 followers the other day (wooooooooooooooop) and was so happy .. I know I may only be small fry compared to some of you (yeah, OK most of you) but to me it was really important, When I started this blog I was happy to reach 10 let alone 30, so for me each and everyone of you is important and I really do appreciate your comments and thoughts .. and the time you take to read my ramblings!!

So as a special thank you I would like to do a giveaway, now at the moment I am still sourcing something to actually give away .. but stay tuned over the next few days and it shall arrive!! :D

Once again thank you!

So this was y'day's outfit .. simple but it was so hot and stuffy and we were practising Sports Day at school!
Also having to restrain a lion .. or so it seemed .. don't ask!!!
What I wore:
Top: Le Redoute.
Trousers: Florence and Fred @ Tesco.
Shoes: Gifted.
Lucky Star Necklace: ????

Yey so England got through the group stages of the World Cup (just about) .. so I have another match to look forward to this weekend with a BBQ!
What are your plans for the weekend?

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Sun always shines on tv ..

Was a scorcher of a day today, unfortunately was at work, for most of the nice part .. and felt a lil crappy when I got home so didn't fancy sitting outside, did when it got a bit cooler later on however!

Close up of my earrings/necklace!

As we speak (Or as you read this as it is a scheduled post) England are playing there final game of the group stages .. on previous performances I'm not sure they even deserve to go through .. but I will give them one last chance - you hear that boys!!!!

What I wore:
Stripey Tee: Primark.
Shrug: George @ Asda.
Trousers: F+F @ Tesco.
Shoes: Gifted.
Necklace: Gifted.
Earrings: ????

This time last year I wore the above!

Looking at these pics makes me want my long hair back :'( I shall try to grow it ...

If all the raindrops were lemondrops and gumdrops ..

.. Oh what a rain that would be ...

Sorry to go all Barney on y'all!

This is what I wore last Friday to go to the Dentists, all my teeth were okay, infact he said they were perfect .. no coco pops stuck at all ;P (His exact words - not mine :0 )

After that I went to visit my Grandad for a coffee and a catchup chat, then I drove home in the great British weather (RAIN!!) and had a nap before my parents came over for a short visit .. as it is/was Fathers day here in the UK this past Sunday.

Then Gra and I settled in for the second England game (Hence the shirt) ... it was even worse than the first - we really need to buck our ideas up if we are going to even consider staying in this World Cup - one more game to go!!!! Come on England - pull your flaming socks up!!!

What I wore:
England tee: Burberry.
Skirt: New Look.
Scarf: Next.
Shoes: M+S.

Friday, 18 June 2010

Girls talk about there social lives.

What I wore:
Skirt: Pilot.
Top: H+M.
Shoes: Gifted.
Scarf: Next.

Don't really have a lot to say about Thursday - was a meh day, hot, my hay fever was bad, everyone seemed a bit stressed at work .. also we had a sad assembly for a little boy who died - which was quite upsetting!

Wednesday ... I didn't do a lot in the day - went to the opticians at night, and round Costco, also put the new memory foam mattress on my bed - how exciting huh!!

What I wore:
Skirt: Cherokee.
Top: New Look.
Shoes (Not seen) : M+S.

Stupid picture my husband took as I went to get the camera off him! Hope it makes you smile! :D

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Jersey Girl! (Pic overload ;P)

What I wore:
Skirt: New Look.
Top: Tesco.
Scarf: Gifted.
Tights: Primark.
Boots: Barrett's.

This was the outfit I wore to travel to London to go see ....

BON JOVI!!!!!!!!

Sorry got a bit excited there for a minute haha - Got to see my FAVORITIST (Word??) band in the whole wide world for the 3rd time on Sunday! Bon Jovi at the 02 arena in London!!

Anyone who knows me knows of my love for Richie Sambora - he's (one of ;P) my dream guy's! So I was a VERY happy lil lady on Sunday evening!

Plus they were......


What I wore:
Top: Bon Jovi Concert Tee.
Skirt: New Look.
Leggings: Tesco.
Shoes: Fiore.
Earrings: Alisha @ Avon.

They played all the old classics - plus the stuff off the new album .. I took so many pictures and vid's it's taken me forever to upload .. here are just two though as I don't wanna bore you all to death with here's Richie, Here's Richie with Jon, Here's Richie in a hat etc etc ;P

The next day we went into London itself and had a wander around .. then the 6 of us went on the London Eye!

It's the 2nd time I have been on it .. and it was better this time - just because it wasn't as cloudy!
Gra hates heights though, and so sat down in the middle and clung onto the seat bless him - he was VERY brave to go on it though, it's like putting me in a room full of pigeons!!

What I wore:
Tunic: Papaya @ Matalan.
Jeans: George @ Asda.
Shoes: Fiore
Earrings: Alisha @ Avon.

Below the hair and earrings may say New Jersey - But the top say's England LOL
Has anyone else been watching Jerseylicious - it's so fake it's laughable - so why can't I stop watching it haha!

What I wore:
England top: Cherokee.
Jeans: Tesco Skinny.
Shoes: Tesco.
Earrings: Alisha @ Avon.

Nails as painted for England ;P

Nail Polish:
Sally Hansen - Natural White.
Miss Sporty - 220

Wore this outfit on Saturday for England VS USA .... wasn't the best match I have ever seen! Bring on the next .....