Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Riding boots?

Helllooo blog world .. Hope you are all okay?

I'm off work on holiday this week, so thought I would make use of the time and go and have my hair done :D
It was in desperate need of a cut!

What I Wore:
Top: Gap.
Jeans: Red Herring.
Cardie: Florence and Fred.
Boots: Thrifted and Gifted (My mum's friend).
Bracelets: Gifted.

Hair b4 (tied up)

Hair after my new colour and cut!!!
Hopefully it will be easy to maintain, as at the moment my hair has a life of it's own! :D
Now onto what I wore on Sunday:

I didn't do much in the day at all, Hubby had made a miraculous recovery from his "flu" in time to go to the Rugby so he was out so I just lazed and then we went to my parents for a meal.

Spot the crazy lady? ;D

What I Wore:
Black Bow Top: Etam.
Brown Top: Select.
Skirt: Pilot.
Boots: Thrifted and Gifted (Mum's Friend) - Unfortunately there is no label in them :(
Hair flower: Claire's Accessories.
What did you all get up 2 this weekend?


The Brunette said...

That purple/pink colour really suits you and your hair is so glossy and shiny xx

Vintage Vixen said...

Your hair is looking fab! My preggers pal gave birth to a little 8lb baby boy called Max last night, you're next!!! xxx

Candycane said...

Thankyou :D

It prob won't stay looking that glossy and in shape when I get my own way with it LOL

Awwww hope your friend and baby are doing well (cute name) yup wont seem long till June now I guess .....

Sal xXx

giddynici said...

You look lovely. The purple is such a nice colour on you. The haircut and colour are beautiful. Your hair looks so pretty and glossy.
Didn't really do anything at the weekend as I was working straight through.
Hope you have a lovely week off. x

Alex said...

Ah the new haircut looks gorgeous. I'm well overdue for one - haven't had it touched by scissors since last May!