Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Wonderful Wife :P

This is what I received for Valentines day :D Good to know!

We didn't swap gifts or anything, just cards and then cooked a meal together last night ... I made a Snickers Cheesecake - I've never cooked a "baked" cheesecake before - its a bit different to what I expected ... Its more like a sponge on top of a biscuit base, was fairly nice though LOL!

What I wore:
Top: Topshop.
Tunic: Cherokee.
Trousers: Papaya Maternity.
Shoes: Gifted.
Scarf: Gifted - Mum.
Badge: Gifted - From my Hubby!

1 comment:

giddynici said...

Awww cute badge. The first year I got married I got so excited for cards with wife on them :)
Lovely print on the tunic. And cute side bump shot. x