Friday, 16 July 2010

Workplace wear!

What do you consider to be workplace wear? I know it differs depending on what job you do, or even where you live, but for me in my job (education) I like to think I dress smartly and appropriately for the workday!

Sometimes I'll put an outfit together and then change it, if it's too low cut or the skirt is too short etc, and i would never consider wearing denim .. unless its a special day .. or for charity or something.
I also like to feel good in my clothes and "responsible"
But I know of teachers (especially males I might add) that wear a shirt and jeans to work, I just don't feel it gives the right feeling of respect ..

or is it just me???

What I wore:
Dress: Florence and Fred @ Tesco.
Cardie: New Look.
Shoes: Gifted.

Here's a sneaky peek at what I bought when I went shopping after work :D

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Vintage Vixen said...

I often go shopping with my teacher pal and we're always on the lookout for funky but demure frocks so she doesn't send her sixth formers wild (they already call her Lady GaGa).
Your outfit is very classy without being over formal. Like the peek at the shopping!
Have a great weekend.

Glitter Scrubs said...

Aw I love the grey with the pop of bright pink! And thanks so much for your kind words :) yup post bday blues for sure.. they're on their way out the door though! I'm suddenly forced to be all grown up(I suppose this is to be expected at my age haha) but I just wasn't quite ready for it.
As for work clothes, I wish I could dress up so nicely! My work attire spans from a swimsuit to shorts, flip-flops, a red t-shirt and a whistle! Can you guess what I am? haha. And even when I graduate from the nursing program I'll essentially be wearing scrubs which kind of look like wearing pj's to work. haha oh well. I'll save all my nice outfits for meetings I guess. I admire people who get all fancied up. What age of kids do you teach? High-five for you if it's the little guys! I'd be worried they'd get paint on me or something :s
Hope you have an excellent weekend :)

Kayla said...

Love your blog! Glad I stumbled upon it. I work for myself as a freelance music/travel journalist so it's always hard for me to dress for interviews and editors meetings. I always feel silly investing in "work" clothes but feel I look sloppy when I don't have any to wear! It's fine line I guess!

Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

Becca said...

You look like such a polished professional in this outfit. For me, it always improves my mood and work ethic when I know I look good and have put some time into my outfit. I'm ashamed to say that there is at least one day every week where I end up oversleeping or overtired or just not motivated in the morning and I always notice that I can totally turn my mood around if I put together a really sassy work outfit. Hey, fake it til you can make it, right?!

Alex said...

You look gorgeous in this outfit. Can't believe that dress is from Tesco - it looks so much more designer and expensive!