Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Fly me to the moon ...

This outfit once on reminded me of an air hostess - because of the scarf, Originally I was going to wear it without, but my horoscope said to wear red, so I thought I'd add it for a pop of colour .. I really liked it when I had it on anyway - as did my other half!! :)

So fly me to the moon became the title!!

Today I had a day off so I spent the day relaxing and the weather was gorgeous so I sat in the garden to to have my lunch and read a magazine!! LOVELY!

Also first blog pics I've been able to take outside - and to show the new garden :D (Not 100% finished yet though!! And are awaiting a shed.)

Tonight we went to pick the wedding breakfast menu (YUM) - was nice to be able to sort another thing out - it's getting so close now :D Can't wait to have some of the food .. am really looking forward to it, hope the weather holds up as it's a lovely location!! :D

Ok so What I wore today:
Dress: Cherokee @ Tesco.
Cardigan: Matalan.
Scarf: My mum's.
Sandals: New Look.

I didn't wear any jewellery (apart from rings) today as I didn't think the outfit needed it!


Nessa said...

Love the scarf with the outfit, totally makes it fab!! =)

Sher said...

Vavoom! what an outfit! Great on you :)