Friday, 17 April 2009

It's all about the green ....

So I don't know why I have been wearing so much green so far on this blog, I've never thought of it as one of my fave colours, I mean I like it, I drive a mint green car ... but I didn't know I owned so many clothes in that colour he he.

What I wore:
Skirt: H&M USA.
Green Vest: Tesco.
Black wrap around top: Matalan.
Tights: George at Asda.
Necklace: Mums.
Shoes: Mary Jane's, gifted.

Not sure what was going on with my hair in these pics either, and also I like the outfit more on me than in this picture - but that sometimes happens I guess :D


Nessa said...

Oooo, the necklace is so fun and pretty!

Candycane said...

Thanks .. it was my mum's :D

Hope your feeling better today??


Sher said...

Your touch of color under your wrap is a vest, what a great idea! You're wearing it as a cami or tank top. Love the versatility!