Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Rev Green (is annoyed)

Am gutted and annoyed .. was meant to be going out to a corporate do at the football tonight - and to see cup final - and it's been called off as they have a supposed waterlogged pitch - it hasn't rained that much here!
As I didn't have the most amount of time this morn I only took a couple of shots as I thought I would have this evening's outfit to add on later too, but now I don't!! I was going to wear this top with a pencil skirt and heels .. and some fab jewellery!! Now I don't have any reason to wear it .. and we might not even get re-arranged - so there goes the nice free meal and drinks!

Am grrrrr arrrg-ing as we speak!!!!


What I wore today:
Trousers: Florence+Fred @ Tesco.
Shirt: Next.
Heels: Gifted.


Sher said...

Change of plans...that stinks :( Go ahead and take some pictures of your skirt outfit anyway. Rev Green would have appreciated the free meal & drinks too LOL! Pretty shirt today!

Candycane said...

Thanks I was so sure I was going to end up with some pen or paint on me at work today - I did but only on my face LOL!

Charlotte Sometimes said...

Sorry to hear about the cancellation What a bummer.

Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment :-)
I'm adding you to my blogroll now! One good deed deserves another.

Nessa said...

..nonetheless you look classy and comfy. I want to see your pencil skirt though, i love pencil skirts!!!

Candycane said...

Thankyou - I shall wear the penicl skirt another day - I ahve a couple of them - I do love the way they make me feel sophis - even though i'm really not haha


Anonymous said...

aww, you look great! thanks for participating, and for letting me know. can't wait to see what else you come up with :)