Friday, 17 July 2009

Theres a place for us ...

Whilst I've been poorly I've been watching a lot of Classic Movies .. Today I watched West Side Story - or should that be sobbed my way through West Side Story!! - Love that Film!!

I love the white dress and red belt Natalie Wood wears - however I can't get a great shot of it online :(

Whilst looking I found this one that I like which is similar! I don't wear a lot of white as I tend to be a mucky pup and just know I'd spill something on it!!

The other day I watched Rear Window - The dresses Grace Kelly wears are again SO beautiful!

This one was my fave - a Yellow tea dress.

Blog title song: Somewhere - West Side Story!


Anonymous said...

West Side Story is so great - I love watching it.

Denise said...

west side story is one of my great great movies i consider. it's my dessert island movie. hihihii.

how are you now? am just so glad you're back and suuuuper healthy looking to me. ihihihi.

have a great day!

Sher said...

Yummy, you're making me hungry with your cupcake wallpaper ;D

Hope you're up an about soon. All your planning done for the wedding? Just last minute stuff left?

Aya Smith said...

All of these dresses are too gorgeous! :D

Fell4fashion said...

I love west side story!!!

Kari said...

Hope you feel better soon.

I'll have to re-watch West Side Story this week - love that musical.